Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

Truth is, the military is full of Harrises, eager patriots irrevocably transformed by meaningless combat. In an overnight conversation between two who met at a demonstration (at which Harris was speaking) Authority and Expectations walks the wiretapped road to Wray’s apostasy. Fourteen months he fought in Iraq, invading, interrogating, deteriorating. At twenty-four he doesn’t reflect, he flashes. From step-dad beating his mom to death-metal concerts to a drunken call to the army recruiter at 3 a.m. Now beer in hand, pipe in pocket, cigarette in mouth he staggers through remnants and craters with the clairvoyance that only comes to a man of war.

With hyper-intensity Harris pulls the distant into view, depicting our inflictions with verses of depth and curses of intellect. Make no mistake: one man’s doing is another man’s undoing: an overdose, a diagnosis, a discharge. . . . “Dead politicians,” he utters, “not dead soldiers.” Footage of the 20 year old in tears on base; of gunfights and body scoops; of a Humvee on assault; of a mosque under attack, the depth of his depictions bombing our senses till our inner pipes, like those of Baghdad, are ruptured, the sewage oozing from opened ears.

“. . . superlative. . . No bullshit. Nothing else like it out there. Limitless respect to Wray Harris and the producer for a magnificent accomplishment.”
– Traveling Soldier

“. . . the most raw, intense, honest, brave, unsettling piece of creative work – and offering on Wray’s part – that I have, honestly, ever seen.”
– Ground Zero Center for Non-violent Action

“Veterans that see the light through the darkness have much to offer.”
– Libya Truth Movement

“Wray is a powerful speaker. . . making some incredibly good points. . . damn nice work.” – Rogue Valley Peace Veterans

“. . . deeply moving. This close up of PTSD is something every American should see. Mr. Harris impresses me as an intelligent and thoughtful person going through hell yet willing to help others understand the evils of war.”
– Veterans for Peace Chapter 1011


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  1. Wray! Are you f#?!ing kidding me!? I’m hearing about this for the first time on social media!? OMG! Call me!

    Also, I am SO proud of you.

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