Iraq Tells US ‘Get Out of Our Country!’ in Massive March in Baghdad

Friday 24th January 2020: a huge march in Baghdad took place that sent an uncompromising message to Washington – get the hell out of Iraq! Unsurprisingly, western corporate news outlets either completely ignored or played down the event – the latter amounting to stark misrepresentation and therefore, lying – so we would urge all of our readers to share this story far and wide! Video and pictures below:

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  1. John c. Lamb

    It looks like what adam shift said about how the world loves us and looks up to us is not true.

  2. Steve Green

    When Trump wanted to pull out of Afghanistan the war mongering lefties went mad.

  3. Marvin mounzer

    That’s nice.
    But obviously, it’s sad, that we, in the middle East are nothing but a whole *Broadway Show* with scripts written by them.
    I believe, as true as this protest was, seems nothing but a plan for the next presidential campaign in favor of Bernie Sanders one of the rising electoral candidate for the next elections. Giving a clear message to Trump that his military force is abusive towards the middle East to sort of convey a message to democrats. The two main pillars of his presidential campaign is to gain more votes by comparing it to the old polls of past elections. He needs new blood, a whole new generation to vote (reason why it’s an emphasis on college students, most of them now feel the need towards voting for the first time and thinking it’s a national duty) while, at the same time, reduce the number of democrat voters.
    That’s the script behind this *Broadway Show*.

    Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya etc… are used for different other scripts written by the Top World Countries ruling most of this globe for their own greed (Money and Power).
    It’s time to let go of this greed and let each country mind their own business, like Canada or other peaceful countries. It’s a better world this way, trust me.

    Hey, that’s only my opinion but makes sense though.

    Marvin from Lebanon.
    Going to Canada for peace.

  4. Ken Lessley

    Startling and powerful images, but rather light on text – left a lot of legit questions untouched:
    What’s America’s presence in Iraq – military, corporate or otherwise?
    Was this demonstration organized or called for by anyone particular?
    Were there similar marches elsewhere in Iraq?
    Were any comments made by US ambassadors or deployed personnel there?
    What is the written – and unspoken but widely practiced – policy toward the US by Iraq’s rulers?
    Have Americans in Iraq reported any increased hostility or acts against them lately?
    Shallow and short.
    FOX fabricates stories with more detail and background.
    You have to do better.

  5. CANADA a peaceful Country ???? What country are you talking about Certainly NOT this WAR MONGERING bunch of hypocrites .oops sorry CANADA is NOW OWNED by the EVIL EMPIRE thanks to TRUDEAU and his GOON SQUAD…WE EVEN HAVE AMERICAN COMPANIES IN CANADA MANUFACTURING MUNITIONS for the PRINCIPAL WAR MONGERING CO-CONSPIRATORS OF THE EVIL EMPIRE……Yes I am Sick of this CRAP and the CORPORATIONS who CONTROL this AMERICAN VASSAL STATE.

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