Author: Press TV

Netanyahu Admits having Ordered Air Strikes against Syria

The Israeli premier did not give any time frame for the strikes in Syria. He also did not elaborate on what kind of strikes the Israeli army had carried out.

It was the first time an Israeli official has admitted to launching strikes in Syria, after several media reports that Tel Aviv conducted such attacks.

Kurds burnt to death in Cizre: Turkish MP

Turkish forces have allegedly left 150 Kurds to burn to death while trapped in basements in the Cizre district as troops enforced a curfew after this week’s bombing in Ankara.

The allegation was made Friday by a Kurdish lawmaker in the Turkey’s parliament, Feleknas Uca.

Syrian army liberates 18 villages in Aleppo from Daesh

The fresh gains also tightened noose on Daesh as they included two strategic roads that used to serve as supply routes for the terror group: the main road connecting Shaddadah to Daesh-held city of Mosul in Iraq and another road connecting it to Raqqah, the takfiris’ de facto capital. Having lost these two routes, the Takfiris in the area were forced to retreat towards the Dayr al-Zawr province, which is mostly under their control.

Saudi airstrike kills 25 civilians in Yemen

A Saudi airstrike in the Yemeni village of Bani Zela in the northwestern province of Hjjah kills at least 25 civilians, mostly women and children, residents and medics say.

“People were fleeing their homes as the helicopters pursued, They committed a massacre for no reason,” one resident, calling himself Khaled, said on Sunday.