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‘A declaration of intellectual war on the corporate media’

‘BS’ (short for ‘bullshit’) is the ironic title we have chosen to express our frustration with the corporate and political bias in the mainstream media (MSM).

thanks corporate newsThis systemic bias is summed up by the ‘Propaganda Model’ advanced by Noam Chomksy and Edward Herman in their must-read book, ‘Manufacturing Consent’ which describes how the very structure of our mainstream news media (corporate owned, run for profit, government appointed boards in the case of the BBC) creates a fundamental conflict between independence and serving the elite interests that control these news outlets. Why is it so important to draw attention to this? Because the consequences of such distortion can be measured in the suffering and deaths of millions of people who become the victims of our wars waged on the back of fabricated public assent . An assent only made possible by journalists unwilling to question their elite sources who then obediently base their reports on these lies and deceits. Thoreau said, we ‘must do justice, cost what it may’. If then, by unrelentingly insisting on honesty and humanity above profit and power, our familiar and cherished news institutions cease to be, if we have to admit that as citizens we have been blind and deaf and dumb, then so be it! Let’s breathe the fresh air of truth, however painful that may be.

Millions in the UK rely on the BBC, ITN and Sky for their news unaware that these corporations have never served the interests of ordinary people.

MIT professor and media commentator Noam Chomsky calls this bias the ‘Propaganda Model’ and asserts “In countries where the levers of power are in the hands of a state bureaucracy, the monopolistic control over the media, often supplemented by official censorship, makes it clear the media serve the ends of a dominant elite”. It has always been so:

When Lord Reith gave birth to the BBC in 1922, it was immediately used as a tool against working people. The country was then in the midst of a general strike and the noble Lord wasted no time in writing and broadcasting party political broadcasts for the Tory party. The Labour Party, however, was refused a voice until the strike was officially called off and the country went back to work.  From its very inception, then, the so-called ‘independent’ BBC was used for government propaganda and as a tool of the state. That principle is still in operation today although the Beeb constantly promotes itself as unconstrained we have only to comtemplate the fact that its board of governor’s is appointed by the government to see this lie for what it is.

mainstream-mediaMost of us grow up believing that what we see on our TV news is a truthful and balanced reporting of events free from bias but in many cases, under closer analysis, the message can only be described as official propaganda. When this news is beating the drums for war, this becomes a criminal act… but you wouldn’t know it.

In ‘Brainwashing the polite and professional way’, award-winning investigative journalist John Pilger observed “The reputable media play a critical often subtle role. Frederick Ogilvie, who succeeded the BBC’s founder, Lord Reith, as director general, wrote that his goal was to turn the BBC into a “fully effective instrument of war”. Ogilvie would have been delighted with his 21st-century managers. In the run-up to the Iraq invasion, the BBC’s coverage overwhelmingly echoed the government’s mendacious position…”. See ‘The BBC – The War on Iraq Analysis’

Look at the reporting regarding Libya before and during the current crisis. “Lies by omission” are still lies. We are not told for example, that UK, US and French forces have and are using Depleted Uranium weapons against civilians. In fact the US denies this charge even though experts on the ground have testified to its continued use. The devastating effects of radioactive DU will last billions of years and those paying the highest price are the unborn children of affected regions.

BSNews, in stark contrast, is here to tell you the truth. We pride ourselves on covering the news stories the corporate media won’t dare touch. We will from time to time take satirical side swipes at journalists within the MSM (see Special Reports) and we will be producing spoof media animations (see Podcast) but we will never deliberately lie or mislead OUR audience about the most important news stories of the day.

BSNews is completely independent. We do not have a duty to keep shareholders or governments happy and we are not beholden to private banks for loans. We may occasionally appeal to you for funding but we will endeavour to keep this web service going solely through the dedication, enthusiasm and passion of the BSNews team.

BSNews is made up of a team of committed political activists based in London, England with one shared goal; to make the world a better place.

Thank you for using BSNews.

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