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As a subscriber to our site you’ll know that the world needs independent news now more than ever. We only have to look back at this summer’s Labour leadership campaign coverage to see how the corporate media, from right across the spectrum, attempted to derail the phenomenon that is Jeremy Corbyn.

anti corbyn headlinesThat was no coincidence! The print and broadcast media, including the ‘centre-left liberal’ Guardian, Observer, Independent and New Statesman, as well as the BBC and ITN, all exposed themselves as corporate echo-chambers serving elite interests and framing debates so as to offer little choice and no hope. That the election went the way it did is testament to just how many people are actively choosing to ignore the so-called mainstream media.

After the election, and despite Corbyn winning with an overwhelming majority, those in the print and broadcast media could barely bring themselves to even congratulate the man and instead immediately resumed marching in lockstep in their derision; distortions, omissions and outright lies being their stock-in-trade.

We remain committed, as ever, to bringing you the truth, written by the best independent journalists from around the world. We question those working in the corporate media over their feigned objectivity – please follow us on Twitter to observe their reaction to polite and reasonable challenge. We’re also on Facebook where we discuss anything newsworthy and respond to feedback.

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Ali & Mike (BSNews Team) September 2015