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Authority & Expectations

Truth is, the military is full of Harrises, eager patriots irrevocably transformed by meaningless combat. In an overnight conversation between two who met at a demonstration (at which Harris was speaking) Authority and Expectations walks the wiretapped road to Wray’s apostasy. Fourteen months he fought in Iraq, invading, interrogating, deteriorating. At twenty-four he doesn’t reflect, he flashes. From step-dad beating his mom to death-metal concerts to a drunken call to the army recruiter at 3 a.m. Now beer in hand, pipe in pocket, cigarette in mouth he staggers through remnants and craters with the clairvoyance that only comes to a man of war.

Blackman: The Other Veterans’ View

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday there were jubilant scenes from his supporters as Alexander Blackman (formerly Marine A) had his murder conviction for shooting dead a man wounded in a helicopter attack in Afghanistan reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to a ‘combat stress disorder’. Among those celebrating were Royal Marine veterans vocal […]

Northern Ireland Revisited

My name is Spike Pike, an ex-soldier who did a tour of Belfast in 1981 at the time of the hunger strike. I am now a member of Veterans for Peace. This is about my journey towards reconciliation and peace. It started at the Veterans for Peace UK Annual General Meeting where I met Lee Lavis who was speaking about […]


This is a superb example of CultureJamming!  Counter-militarism graffiti has been found on and around Glasgow monuments which celebrate British colonialism and empire. The graffiti which appeared last week is an image of a red remembrance poppy and the words ‘Remember: Militarism is Murder, Colonialism is Theft’. The counter-militarism slogan can be seen at the 1888 ‘Doulton Fountain‘ in Glasgow Green […]


on 27/09/2016 On Sunday night two establishment media outlets tried to use a veteran-endorsed satirical art project to attack Momentum and Labour. Let us be clear. The superb ‘Army, Be The Meat’ project and the ‘Action Man: Battlefield Casualties‘ films, which were launched 18 months ago, are nothing to do with Labour or Momentum. The credit belongs to the artist […]

Dissecting the Propaganda on Syria

At the recent annual convention of Veterans for Peace, VFP Vice President Jerry Condon said “The U.S. peace movement has been demobilized by disinformation on Syria.” This disinformation and propaganda on Syria takes three distinct forms. The first is the demonization of the Syrian leadership. The second is the romanticization of the opposition. The third form involves attacking anyone questioning […]

Veterans For Peace Answer Questions From Serving Soldiers

Veterans For Peace received these questions a while back from serving soldiers via the Fill Your Boots Facebook Page. VFP UK Coordinator Ben Griffin has finally gotten around to answering the questions, his answers are by no means comprehensive. Comments appreciated…   1. Do you think it’s suitable to refer to the organisation as veterans when they clearly renounce all ties to […]

Irish State is in ‘gross breach’ of neutrality, war veterans say

Introduction by BSNews co-editor Alison Banville:  In my recent report on the Veterans For Peace march to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday, I had the great pleasure of meeting Vietnam vets, Barry Ladendorf and Gene Marx, who had traveled from the USA with other veterans as representatives of their country’s own  Veterans For Peace group which has been ‘exposing the true cost of war and […]

Why We Need Veterans For Peace

It was nothing short of a privilege to meet men and women who embody and demonstrate the kind of bravery not celebrated by our corporate media, a media that operates with a slavish adherence to an elite-friendly narrative only interested in drumming up support for more illegal and immoral military action around the globe. It’s an end arrived at only by exploiting the public’s distorted notion of patriotism, fostered on overdrive every year during Remembrance season. But how incredibly powerful it is to talk to people like members of Veterans For Peace who have had a change of mind and heart so profound that their entire worldview is shattered, only to be rebuilt on truth.

My Name Is Legion – The British Legion and the Control of Remembrance

With its links to the arms trade, increasingly militarised presentation of Remembrance, and growing commercialisation and corporatisation of the poppy “brand”, it’s time to reconsider whether the Royal British Legion is still suitable to be the “national custodian of Remembrance”. My Name is Legion: The British Legion and the Control of Remembrance explores how the Royal British Legion’s status as […]