Month: August 2013

George Galloway HEATED Speech

Parliament Debates Military Action Against Syria. George Galloway speaks as The British House of Commons holds an urgent debate on possible military action against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament following reports of a chemical weapons attack against Syrian citizens.

The Guardian of What?: The Media and War Propaganda

The Guardian sells itself as the global beacon of liberal opinion. It is liberal on social issues and alongside the chatterers, it has some excellent political correspondents and commentators, notably Gary Younge and Seamas Milne. As liberals themselves, its readers around the world must think they are on safe ground when quoting from the Guardian but if so, where the Middle East is concerned, they are deluding themselves.

Dear Journalists…

The US is about to commit another holocaust in the Middle East based on lies, just like the huge Iraqi WMD lies. Millions of people in the Middle East are in grave risk of being slaughtered. YOU MUST SPEAK UP AND PUT AN END TO THIS CRIMINAL PLOT. Force the American public to think – FOR ONCE!

Truth is the first casualty of war – but not this time…

To disbelieve the lies we are now told – that the Syrian government killed hundreds of innocent Syrians in a chemical weapon attack – means we must disbelieve our leaders and all the media who report and parrot their words. But this is only the start of it; we often mistrust these leaders anyway, and we can usually choose from different viewpoints in our media and select which ones we trust. It’s only the start of it because this time it is different – all our media and all our leaders say the same thing so if we disbelieve one we must disbelieve them all.

Massacres That Matter – Part 2 – The Media Response On Egypt, Libya And Syria

Corporate media coverage of atrocities in Egypt, Libya and Syria has closely matched US-UK government interpretations and priorities.

While the US government has refused to describe what was very obviously a military coup in Egypt on July 3 as a coup, many media have also tended to shy away from the term, referring instead to the ‘ousting’ and ‘removal’ of the elected government.

In reporting atrocities in Libya and Syria, the BBC focuses heavily on the word ‘crime’, but described the mass murder in Egypt on August 14 as a ‘tragedy’. Killing in Syria is routinely described as a ‘massacre’, but in Egypt often as the less pejorative ‘crackdown’.

Don’t Celebrate Yet

Last night’s vote in the Commons is welcome, but a blip. It owes more to political tribalism than to principle. Miliband and New Labour did not oppose military action, they merely wanted to be seen to be dictating the terms. As neither Tories nor Labour were prepared to accept the other’s terms for military action, the anti war minority could combine with the tribalists of each to make sure everything got defeated. Good but fortuitous.

U.S. chemical weapons in Panama

During an inspection visit in 2001, a team of specialists from the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), confirmed the existence of US chemical weapons in Panama, left behind –like other war materials and poisoning items- by the US armed forces who had to evacuate the country to comply with the Canal Treaties, signed in 1977 by Omar Torrijos and James Earl Carter.

No excuse for strikes

Even those who are no fans of the Bashar al-Assad regime must question why the regime would use chemical weapons as government forces have just won the upper hand in the fight against the opposition, and it is clear such a move would be tantamount to suicide.

US strike on Syria could touch off Russian counteroffensive: Afshin Rattanzi

How ironic that as regards objectives that the National Security Council in Britain was set up after 9/11 to protect Britain from al-Qaeda-linked atrocities and what threatened them.

And here is Britain threatening to go in with the United States to support al-Qaeda-linked militancy. I think even American generals are expressing their concern of the objectives of any attack by these warships in the Mediterranean. What are those objectives?

Guardian (again) bleating for war

Instead of outright denunciation of Cameron and his war-salivating ministers, rather than explicit exposure of their mendacious motives, we’re asked to indulge this set of political psychotics, ruminate on Blair’s prior ‘mistakes’ and kowtow to the great charade of ‘parliamentary accountability’.

In Rush to Strike Syria, U.S. Tried to Derail U.N. Probe

After initially insisting that Syria give United Nations investigators unimpeded access to the site of an alleged nerve gas attack, the administration of President Barack Obama reversed its position on Sunday and tried unsuccessfully to get the U.N. to call off its investigation.

The administration’s reversal, which came within hours of the deal reached between Syria and the U.N., was reported by the Wall Street Journal Monday and effectively confirmed by a State Department spokesperson later that day.