Truth is the first casualty of war – but not this time…

By Step-Back

For a war built on an edifice of lies, the truth has been long dead and buried. The architects of this dreadful construction must keep piling lies on its grave, lie upon lie, until we are dizzy from seaching for it.

To disbelieve the lies we are now told – that the Syrian government killed hundreds of innocent Syrians in a chemical weapon attack – means we must disbelieve our leaders and all the media who report and parrot their words. But this is only the start of it; we often mistrust these leaders anyway, and we can usually choose from different viewpoints in our media and select which ones we trust. It’s only the start of it because this time it is different – all our media and all our leaders say the same thing so if we disbelieve one we must disbelieve them all.

Even this simple observation is covered with lies – as ‘hawks’ warn of the dangers of a ‘limited strike’, and trusted presenters appear disappointed at the voting down of UK involvement in Parliament, we lose sight of the ball – the question of culpability for the still unproven Sarin attack.

Overcoming our disbelief, and accepting the obvious reality that the Assad government would not have and did not commit such an atrocity because it would play directly into the hands of the Opposition, we must then ask who was responsible, and how the apparent crime was committed.  Some excellent observations have been made on this by the free thinking Mother Agnes Mariam, explained in this Skype interview with James Corbett:

With her contacts in Syria, and following a recent visit to Damascus, Mother Agnes points out inconsistencies in the reports on the alleged attack in Jobar, asking why there were so many children in this rebel controlled area under siege from the Syrian army – as shown in the many unverifiable videos of the aftermath of the attack. In addition she asks where their mothers were, as there seem to be mostly children and men, but few women.

There have been claims that some of these videos were ‘released’ before the time of the alleged attack – 3am on the 21st of August, and for those familiar with the history of fabricated videos used by the opposition since the beginning of the insurgency, such a claim can be considered as one more small piece of evidence.  In addition, very soon after the attack Syrian Army soldiers discovered what was clearly a small chemical weapons laboratory in a ‘tunnel’ under a house in Jobar. For many Syrians, and for the non-Western press, this discovery was critical, and should have been a game changer. But far from it. Not only was the Army accused of ‘planting’ it to throw suspicion on the ‘rebels’, but there were no calls for the UN to take samples of the chemicals – even though they were accompanied by antidote vials and gas masks. To make things even worse, this incriminating evidence was featured in later reports, with a photo subtitled  “Chemical Weapons Stash”, but nothing more. We have been told repeatedly that the ‘rebels’ have no access to such things, so it’s unnecessary to say more –  we KNOW who did it.

But at this point the story of lies and lies on lies gets worse. Earlier in August some REAL atrocities were taking place around Lattakia, on the Mediterranean coast. Various  Al Qaeda linked groups of fighters from Libya and Saudi Arabia were systematically massacring Alawite villagers, with customary and unspeakable brutality, slaughtering whole villages while taking women and girls for sex slaves, and people to use as hostages. This report has high credibility:

Now an infernal vision presents itself – is it possible that young children, and even babies, were abducted from these slaughtered families, and ‘used’ for the production of the ‘unverified’ videos in the Damascus gas attack?  These videos which the Western world is using as a pretext to launch a military strike against the Syrian nation? If we now look at the videos with an open mind and a questioning mind what do we see? Where were these rooms full of dead men and children, rooms with bare walls and no furniture? How do we know they were in Jobar, or rather how do we know that they were not in some building occupied by the terrorists near to the scene of their recent crime? That these innocent people, whose only offence was to be ‘infidel’ had been abducted, gassed, and laid out ’for the cameras’, to be later used as top-quality cannon fodder against the Syrian government.

As we come to terms with this atrocity, this ‘staggering’ atrocity, we may also realise that an edifice of lies has a single weak point – one word of truth could bring it crashing down.

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