Dear Journalists…

Dear Journalists by Victor Lama

There are over 200 of you copied on this email. You have a moral obligation as journalists and human beings to expose the Obama administration’s ridiculous lies and accusations against the Syrian government regarding chemical weapons. A holocaust is about to occur.

Obama lies
Poster credit: Louie Gedo

The idea that the Syrian government would deploy chemical weapons to murder children after they demanded the UN come to Syria in the first place to expose the truth about the previous use of chemical weapons by the al-Qaeda rebels is ludicrous. No one with a brain can believe that. The UN inspectors were a handful of kilometers away to boot. Moreover, the Syrian Arab Army has been kicking ass for the last 4 months. They are WINNING! First al-Qusayr, then the “capital of the revolution” itself Homs province – the savage rebels who eat their enemies’ organs are LOSING BIG TIME. There was NO REASON for Assad to deploy chemical weapons, especially with the knowledge that the US and Israel have been champing at the bit to attack Syria and use chemical weapons as the pretext – the so-called “red line.”

Al-Assad would have gained ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while losing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING by using such weapons. This was obviously an operation conducted by al-Qaeda and their western and Saudi backers to provide a pretext for a military assault on Syria, which is something the Israeli lobby and their media whores have been relentlessly demanding for the last 2 years.

The US is about to commit another holocaust in the Middle East based on lies, just like the huge Iraqi WMD lies. Millions of people in the Middle East are in grave risk of being slaughtered. YOU MUST SPEAK UP AND PUT AN END TO THIS CRIMINAL PLOT. Force the American public to think – FOR ONCE!

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  1. Thank you for having the courage to publish the unvarnished truth…unlike mainstream corporate media.

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