RIP Ed Herman

The great Ed Herman, co-author with Noam Chomsky of the seminal critique of the corporate media, ‘Manufacturing Consent’  has died. As someone commented on Twitter: ‘The world is a dumber, more dangerous place. Unless everyone goes back and reads his writing now.’ Media Lens’s (David Edwards and David Cromwell) paid tribute: 


Watch an interview with Ed here on the Real News Network:

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  1. I was reading Ed Herman’s “The Real Terror Network” when I thought I might email him. If I recall, I was going to ask him what his thoughts are on John Dinges’s “The Condor Years,” because, after reading a number of other books (recently) dealing with issues of U.S. imperialism and torture and terrorism done and taught by the U.S., Dinges’s book came across, to me, as damage control. I think it was just then that I happened upon a Real News Network vid (an interview of Ed Herman by Paul Jay) and a notice that Ed Herman had died. Wow! Matt Taibbi mentions and recommend “Manufacturing Consent,” which is fine. (I find it interesting, but unimportant, that Ed Herman contributed the most material to “Manufacturing Consent.” But if I were Matt, or any leftwing journo, I’d be recommending “The Real Terror Network” before recommending “Manufacturing Consent.” Both books are indispensable, but “The Real Terror Network,” is smaller, more accessible, and in some ways, even more timely than “Manufacturing Consent.”

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