Welfare State

The devastating impact of the WCA – and the cynical politics at its heart

It seems clear that without de facto quotas, explained in Kaliya’s report, it is much less likely that the process of being assessed for support would inflict so much suffering on so many people. Taken together, the reports add more detail to an emerging picture of the political manipulation at the heart of an assessment process that continues to cause sick and disabled people immense hardship and suffering a full 5 years after its introduction.

How To Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps

Over the past 25 years, the NHS has been insidiously converted into a market-based healthcare system. This process is accelerating under the Coalition government and the very existence of a National Health Service is in danger. How did it ever come to this for Great Britain’s most cherished institution?

Spanish Government Clamps Down on Public Protests

Unemployment now affects 27 percent of the working population. A report by the Catholic Church charity Caritas said that there are now 3 million people living in severe poverty (defined as having less than €300 a month to live on) in Spain, double the 2008 figure.

Discovering The Power Of People’s History – And Why It Is Feared Today

This was the nod-and-wink arrangement between Labour and Tory governments and the five per cent who owned half the wealth of all of the United Kingdom. The Labour MP turned media man, Brian Walden, described how it worked. “The two front benches [in Parliament] liked each other and disliked their back benches,” he wrote. “We were children of the famous consensus … turning the opposition into government made little difference, for we believed much the same things.”

Why Aren’t We Rising up as Our Country is Sold Off & Our Govt Sells Out?

An apathetic mainstream media, an ambivalent political class and a broad populace who have become spectators rather than actors in their daily lives, have created the mistaken impression that Britain is taking its austerity hammering lying down. This could not be further from the truth. Many of the most disenfranchised groups in UK society are rising, rebellion is fomenting, and flames of dissidence are licking the powder keg of mainstream mood. So why doesn’t it feel like it?

½ UK children in poverty live in cold, damp homes

The study of 2,000 10-17-year-olds by the Children’s Society charity revealed that 76 percent of British children are “often worried” about how much money the family had.

More than 53 percent said their home was too cold last winter and 24 percent said it was “much colder” than they would have liked.

Jobcentre Misleading Claimants on Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch, the DWP’s job search website that became ‘mandatory’ for those claiming unemployment benefit on March 1st 2013, has been dogged by controversy amid claims it is simply a tool for keeping tabs on jobseekers rather than an effective aid to help them find work.
Websites like The Void and Consent Me have done sterling work exposing this and other government scams, like Workfare, designed to shame and exploit the victims of its economic criminality.