Iraq Body Count: “A Very Misleading Exercise”

by Medialens Introduction The mainstream media are continuing to use figures provided by the website Iraq Body Count (IBC) to sell the public a number for total post-invasion deaths of Iraqis that is perhaps 5-10% of the true death toll. As we recently reported, only a handful of media outlets covered a new ORB poll revealing that 1.2 million Iraqis […]

The Demonization of Slobodan Milosevic

U.S. leaders profess a dedication to democracy. Yet over the past five decades, democratically elected governments—guilty of introducing redistributive economic programs or otherwise pursuing independent courses that do not properly fit into the U.S.-sponsored global free market system—have found themselves targeted by the U.S. national security state by Michael Parenti Thus democratic governments in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, the […]

The Spoils of War in Yugoslavia

Genocide, Fratricide, Bombing! Who Profits? by Kieron McFadden Introduction The British Association for Monetary Reform’s work to expose the gargantuan fraud at the core of our money system continues. If you have any comments, questions or input you feel may be valuable – or if you would like to help in any way please write, phone/fax or e-mail us – […]

Paying The Price

Killing The Children Of Iraq – A documentary film by John Pilger Sanctions enforced by the UN on Iraq since the Gulf War have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, including over half a million children – many of whom weren’t even born when the Gulf War began.