Karzai Reveals US Plan for Permanent Afghanistan Bases

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Thursday revealed that Washington wants to maintain nine US military bases scattered across the country after the formal deadline for the withdrawal of US and NATO coalition forces at the end of 2014 by Bill Van Auken (WSWS) In a speech delivered at Kabul University, Karzai stressed that he was amenable to the US demand, indicating […]

How MI6, CIA Spend Your Tax Money on Propping Up Drug Production

With both the CIA and MI6 secretly providing ‘ghost money’ bribes to the Afghan political establishment, it’s likely that Afghans will increasingly support a resurgent Taliban and the drug trade will be further propped up by Annie Machon Afghan President Hamid Karzai, has recently been criticized for taking ‘ghost money’ from the CIA and MI6. The sums are unknown – […]

The Spoils of War

Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade Washington’s Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade by Prof Michel Chossudovsky Author’s Note In the course of the last three years, there has been a surge in Afghan opium production.  The Vienna based UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reveals that poppy cultivation in 2012 extends over an area of  more than  154,000 hectares, […]

Hundreds of anti-drone protesters march against UK flight-control centre

Marchers protest the navigation from RAF Waddington of unmanned Reaper aircraft in Afghanistan by PA Hundreds of peace campaigners gathered outside an RAF base today to protest against armed drones being operated from Britain to conduct missions in Afghanistan. Around 400 demonstrators took part in a march from Lincoln to a rally at nearby RAF Waddington, which assumed control of […]

Gitmo Is Killing Me

ONE man here weighs just 77 pounds. Another, 98. Last thing I knew, I weighed 132, but that was a month ago. I’ve been on a hunger strike since Feb. 10 and have lost well over 30 pounds. I will not eat until they restore my dignity by Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel I’ve been detained at Guantánamo for 11 […]

The War You Don’t See

Video Documentary By John Pilger “The War You Don’t See” is a 2010 documentary film written, produced and directed by John Pilger. “If the people really knew the truth, the war would be stopped tomorrow.” – British Prime Minister David Lloyd George’s comment to Guardian editor C. P. Scott A powerful and timely investigation into the media’s role in war, […]

Two Obamas, Two Classes of Children

An Associated Press photograph brought the horror of little children lying dead outside of their home to an American Audience by Ralph Nader At least 10 Afghan children and some of their mothers were struck down by an airstrike on their extended family household by order of President Barack Obama. He probably decided on what his aides describe as the […]

The Great Afghan Corruption Scam

How Operation Enduring Freedom Mutated into Operation Enduring Corruption by Dilip Hiro Washington has vociferously denounced Afghan corruption as a major obstacle to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. This has been widely reported. Only one crucial element is missing from this routine censure: a credible explanation of why American nation-building failed there. No wonder. To do so, the U.S. would […]

Those Who Say ‘I Support the Troops’ Really Don’t

I don’t support the troops, America, and neither do you by Michael Moore I am tired of the ruse we are playing on these brave citizens in our armed forces. And guess what — a lot of these soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines see right through the bullshit of those words, “I support the troops!,” spoken by Americans […]

Why We Torture

What do we do once we know? by Gareth Peirce The last several years have found us in the midst of more catastrophes than we could ever, in our worst nightmares, have dreamed of. We could never have envisaged that the history of the new century would encompass the destruction and distortion of fundamental Anglo-American legal and political constitutional principles […]

UK Army Major says Afghan War Lost

‘… politicians trading soldiers lives for votes’ by Glen Owen I’m being sent out to stabilise a country I have no faith, interest or empathy in, to prop up a government the UN says is corrupt, in a war of choice already lost halfway across the world. Dr Peter Lee, a university lecturer who spent seven years as an RAF padre, […]

Armistice Day – Why I never wear a poppy

‘the only point which matters about the First World War and its sequels is that they must not be allowed to happen again. Honouring and worshipping those who died in them, praising them for their patriotic sacrifice and wearing poppies as symbols of their blood on the ground where they fell serves only to glamourise the atrocity and pave the way to the next one.’