What India’s Decision to Ban Dolphin Captivity Means

The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests’ decision to ban dolphin captivity within India has been making waves around the world. The unprecedented decision is particularly significant because it reflects an increasing global understanding that dolphins deserve better protections based on who – rather than what – they are.

Notes From a Diary of Struggle: From Epiphanies to Aftermath

In my youth, I was seemingly headed toward blue-collar work at a factory, to prison, or to an early grave, but profound changes in my life set me in different directions. A major theme of my talk tonight is change, growth, development, and evolution. Indeed, as a species, if we are to avert total disaster, we need to take a quantum leap in our moral and social evolution, as the global crises in capitalism and ecology portend catastrophic change and a dystopian future.

Fiona The Blind Dog Found In A Heap Of Trash

In every social movement there is a moment when everything changes. Whether that moment is a university admission, a protest, or a speech by a leader is irrelevant. The moment itself is what matters, because afterwards – nothing is ever the same.

Last year, animal rescue had their moment.

A Quarterpounder with starvation

One million died in the Ethiopian famine of 1984 and yet the country was growing and exporting food for European animals by Thomas Swann (Scottish Socialist Voice) Faminie in Ethiopia In 2005, a report by the World Health Organisation showed that 1.6 billion people in world were overweight and of these 400 million suffered from obesity. Around the same time the […]

Illegally Mutilated For Your Viewing Pleasure

In zoos and wildlife parks up and down the country, thousands of birds stand in large open enclosures, serenely surveying their surroundings. Flamingos pick their way delicately through shallow water and cranes stand on slender legs watching the world go by. The occasional flurry of wings flapping is seen but, strangely, none of the birds take flight. Are these birds simply […]

Pampered Pooches, What Would Voltaire Think?

Pampered Pooches – Man’s Best Friend in the Age of Celebritry by Alison Banville Channel 4’s flagship investigation show, Dispatches recently reported on the rise in demand for designer dogs and how this has led to an illegal trade in imported puppies. This demand, as the programme highlighted, is driven in no small way by the desperate need some people […]

Should Society Bear Some Responsibility When Slaughter-men Kill People?

By Kate Fowler (Animal Aid) Mark Bridger was yesterday convicted of killing five-year-old April Jones. Bridger was a slaughterman. His job demanded that he extinguish life quickly, dispassionately and daily. He was required to cut throats, drain blood and not give those creatures a second thought. It would be a poor slaughterman who allowed the spilled blood and screaming of […]

Seeing for Two

If his mother could see him now—her beloved boy, alive and well, and cherished, in a land of love and plenty. If she could see the way he sauntered out of the rescue trailer, swift and surefooted as a deer, the way he glided into this welcoming world as if he recognized it, as if he remembered its essence of […]

The Politics of Extinction

Remain a parasite OR become an Earth Warrior by Captain Paul Watson “I have been honored to serve the whales, dolphins, seals – and all the other creatures on this Earth. Their beauty, intelligence, strength, and spirit have inspired me. These beings have spoken to me, touched me, and I have been rewarded by friendship with many members of different […]

Antibiotic use in ‘food’ animals – in UK & EU

The stark facts and figures below give us an insight into the brutal, pitiless existence of farmed animals. Most reports quoting these facts highlight the consequences for humans of antibiotic use in animals ignoring the glaring suffering their use exposes. This anthropocentric viewpoint is not broad enough morally to satisfy us, and until we, as a species, relinquish this self-serving […]

To Be A Feminist is to Be A Vegan

When visiting a self-proclaimed feminist (non-vegan) friend’s home, she offered me cow’s milk with my tea. At that moment I made the profound connection that we can not truly be a feminist while consuming dairy (or any animal products). A feminist could not participate in the commodification and exploitation of the reproductive system of sisters of another species. For this […]

Government to ban use of wild animals in travelling circuses from 2015

More than 30,000 people signed an Independent petition calling for a ban by Nigel Morris The use of wild animals in travelling circuses will be outlawed in two years’ time under plans to be announced tomorrow by the Government. More than 30,000 people signed an Independent petition calling for a ban, while MPs voted unanimously in favour of the move. […]