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Undercover Activist Details Secret Filming of Animal Abuse

& Why “Ag-Gag” Laws May Force Him to Stop by democracynow.org An animal rights investigator details how he has spent over a decade secretly filming animal abuse and why that work is now imperiled by a wave of laws sweeping the country. Speaking on the condition we conceal his identity, “Pete” has secretly captured animal abuse on farms and slaughterhouses […]

Iran Represents a Deathblow to US Global Hegemony

The United States of America has become a byword for war. No other nation state has started as many wars or conflicts in modern times than the USA – the United States of Armageddon by Finian Cunningham Beneath the Western media façade of “unpredictable” and “aggressive” North Korea, the real source of conflict in the present round of war tensions […]

The Two Faces of Class Struggle

The Motor Force for Historical Regression or Advance by Prof. James Petras One of the most important and yet most neglected determinants of the outcomes of the economic crisis and resultant deepening of social inequalities and immiseration is the ‘class struggle’.  In one of his most pithy metaphors, Karl Marx referred to class struggle as ‘the motor force of history’.  […]

Mistreating Palestinian Children

Societies perhaps are best judged by how they treat prisoners, their most disadvantaged and children by Stephen Lendman On March 20, Israeli soldiers mass arrested about 30 children. Obama arrived the same day. Every child passing Tareq Bin Zeyad street was seized. They were heading for school in Hebron. They were taken to Kiryat Arba police station. They were interrogated […]

UN Arms Trade Treaty’s Deadly Loophole

Foundation fellows and diplomats have lauded the overwhelming approval of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by the General Assembly of the United Nations, with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describing it as a means to obstruct the illicit arms flow to warlords, pirates, terrorists, criminals and the like by Nile Bowie Many who have critically monitored the situation in Syria and […]

We Need to Be Seeking Regime Change Here in the UK – Nevermind Iran

There is a dangerous mythology that exists about Iran, and which refuses to go away. It is irresponsibly perpetuated by many in the media, reminiscent of the Neo-Con propaganda which we became familiar with in the run up the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 by Richard Sudan It’s the kind of mythology which seeps too easily from the front pages […]

The South also rises

It is not so far-fetched to imagine Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History succumbing to the temptation, and stressing that the time of the Global South has finally come by Pepe Escobar Oh yes, it will be a long, arduous and winding road. But would the Google/Facebook generation need only one textbook detailing the stuff of dreams, trials and tribulations of […]

Keeping the Government’s Secrets

Official/press collusion to keep public uninformed by Steve Rendall “The government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the government…. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of the government and inform the people.” —‑U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, New York Times Co. v. United States (6/30/71) Journalism […]

Why Vivisection Doesn’t Work

Vivisection – A Compilation of Evidence by Alison Banville (BSNews Editor) The email below was posted to an activist list in the UK in response to my assertion that vivisection is useless. My reply follows his email. ‘How can certain surgical procedures be tested via computer modeling or tissue cell-cultures, for instance? Organ transplants were first tested on animals, heart […]

Iain Banks: why I’m supporting a cultural boycott of Israel

This week writer Iain Banks announced he has cancer and may have just months to live. Here he explains why, in 2010, he decided his novels would no longer be published in Israel by Iain M Banks I support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign because, especially in our instantly connected world, an injustice committed against one, or against one […]

Keystone XL: The pipeline to disaster

If Obama OKs the Keystone XL, it will exacerbate global warming and put the U.S. on the hook for spills and environmental degradation, all in service to one of the planet’s dirtiest fuels by James Hansen In March, the State Department gave the president cover to open a big spigot that will hitch our country to one of the dirtiest fuels on […]

The Grand National: Festival of Cruelty

The upcoming Grand National once again sparks debate reflecting, as Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler states below, a shift in public opinion towards the notorious race which is increasingly being viewed as the exploitative festival of cruelty it actually is. Note the laughable arguments made by racing commentator Chris McGrath, below – the people who risk their horses lives for […]