Month: April 2014

Texas Family Awarded $3 Million in America’s First Fracking Trial

Fracking for natural gas has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. The U.S. is in the middle of a fracking boom, with natural gas being touted by the Obama administration as the ideal bridge energy source in order to transition to greener energy. But study after study has linked fracking to air and groundwater pollution, and part of the process has been linked to earthquakes.

Obama’s ‘strategy’ against ‘pariah’ Russia

Washington’s ultimate wet dream would be to interrupt gas shipments by Gazprom from Russia to the EU – in fact trade sabotage, which Moscow would undoubtedly interpret as an act of war. Meanwhile, Washington/NATO’s “Plan A” remains to lure the Kremlin into an “invasion” – so Putin can be (in fact already is) denounced as “the new Hitler” and the ultimate threat to the EU.

City of London’s Imperialist Designs on Russia

The Rothschild-led City of London bankers have held grand imperialist designs on Russia’s rich natural resources for two centuries, always to be stymied by the odd nationalist czar or Stalinist. Putin thwarted their latest attempts when he jailed Israeli dual citizen Mikail Khodorkovsky and re-nationalized much of Russia’s energy sector. It is no coincidence that one Russian official sanctioned yesterday was Igor Sechin – president of Russian oil giant Rosneft, of which BP still owns a 20 % share.

Can World War III Be Far Behind

at the end of Clash of Civilizations, after confronting the Muslim world in the Mideast in order to steal their oil, Sam then has the US “pivot” to confront China. The book ends with a war between the US and China. It is this Brzezinski-Huntington Policy that we are now seeing put into operation by the Obama administration both in Ukraine against Russia and against China at the same time. Can World War III be far behind?

Democratic Elections in Syria

While NATO member states and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC ) persist in presenting Syria as a dictatorship, the country continues its reforms. On June 3, it will elect its President of the Republic, while the war continues to ravage a part of its territory. Damascus is doing everything possible to ensure that this election is democratic and blameless, while its attackers have instructed their media to minimize the coverage and their jihadists to disrupt the procedings.

UK secretly fanning flames of Syria war

What many people don’t realize is the UK was interfering in the Syria war before the vote – arming and training the Syrian insurgents fighting to overthrow the Assad Government. And although a US-UK military strike has been averted, the UK is continuing to support the insurgents.

It Was a US-instigated Ukrainian Coup

These events exacerbate the danger of an explosive war, a conflagration that could envelope the planet. The Peace Movement is commemorating the tragedy of WWI. Today’s events are reminiscent of the capitalist and imperialist competitions that led to it. What can we do? Generate local demonstrations. Confront our government and media. Let our elected officials know that we see through the fog. Expose the hypocrisy, lies and war mongering.

Piketty’s Wealth Gap Wake Up

Michael: The problem with Piketty’s statistics are that it vastly understates how unequal the world really is and that’s because – you may know in Australia that our Queen of Mean, the hotel lady Leona Helmsley said “Only the little people pay taxes”. What she means is only the little people earn income. Rich people in America don’t earn income, they make capital gains and capital gains are not in everybody’s income statistics, they’re not in the statistics basically that are reported. And the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, only conducts a study of capital gains once every ten years or so, and countries like England and many European countries don’t even have a tax on capital gains, so they’re not going to appear in the statistics.

Wall Street Greed: Not Too Big for a California Jury

The larger question is why our state and local governments continue to do business with a corrupt global banking cartel. There is an alternative. They could set up their own publicly-owned banks, on the model of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. Fraud could be avoided, profits could be recaptured, and interest could become a much-needed source of public revenue. Credit could become a public utility, dispensed as needed to benefit local residents and local economies.

Putin’s Dilemma

This is Putin’s dilemma, to choose the path that is least likely to exacerbate the situation and plunge Ukraine deeper into the abyss. For now, the choice seems obvious, that is, he should simply sit-tight, resist the temptation to get involved, and avoid doing anything rash. Eventually, his restraint will be seen as strength not weakness and he’ll be able to play a more constructive role in guiding Ukraine back to peace and security. But, for now, he must be patient and wait.