Month: October 2013

US Trying to Play Iran off Syria?

Is the US trying to manipulate Iran, through sanctions relief, in order to assert Washington’s agenda for regime change in Syria?

The answer would seem to be ‘yes’, as suggested by the latest tour of the region by the UN-Arab League special envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi.

In particular, it was the private message that Brahimi brought to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that suggests the Algerian career diplomat is acting more as an interlocutor for Washington’s nefarious political agenda, rather than as an honest peace broker.

Glenn Greenwald: Dick Cheney, Most Radical, Criminal in the United States

“Remember, Dick Cheney is a politician who engaged in some of the worst, most radical and criminal conduct in the last century in the United States and did it all in secret — from lying about the war in Iraq to torturing people, to putting people in cages with no lawyers, to eavesdropping on the American people without the warrants required by law”

The Cat Who was Shot for Treason

By Heathcote Williams (Published in No Glory in War | Poetry and the Spoken Word) A cat was shot for treason In World War One. It had acted as an intermediary Between Allied and Axis lines: English and German soldiers Could send messages To each other By tying scraps of paper To the cat’s collar. The cat then ran across […]

Obama Encourages Spying on World Leaders

He lied claiming otherwise. He’s a serial liar. He’s a moral coward. He’s a war criminal multiple times over. He did what supporters thought impossible.

He exceeds the worst of George Bush. He plans lots more ways to prove it through 2016. Humanity may not survive the ordeal.

On October 27, Deutche Welle (DW) headlined “Media reports suggest Obama knew NSA spied on Merkel.”

Canada should investigate Dick Cheney for war crimes

On Halloween this year, Toronto will host the man who operated from the “dark side” of U.S. policy. As vice-president of the United States, Dick Cheney was a key architect of a post-9/11 response that featured waterboarding and other acts of torture, a global secret detention program where people were held for years without charge, and “extraordinary rendition,” by which innocent men such as Maher Arar were sent to countries like Syria to be tortured. His legacy of “endless war” continues today.

Deadlock in America’s War on Syria

Although the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, loudly praised himself for the vote on Resolution 2118 concerning chemical weapons in Syria, this text marks both the victory of Russia and that of President Bashar al -Assad. The vote carries within itself two consequences that permanently ruin the Franco-British claims on the country.

Record number of nations oppose US embargo of Cuba in UN vote

In an overwhelming UN vote, 188 countries have called on the US to lift its 53-year trade embargo on Cuba. Havana has slammed the financial sanctions as a flagrant violation of human rights and said they are tantamount to genocide.
“Our small island poses no threat to the national security of the superpower,” Rodriguez said. “The human damages caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba are incalculable.”

How the Nation’s Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street

The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in America—what Republicans might call an idiosyncratic bastion of socialism. It also earned a record profit last year even as its private-sector corollaries lost billions. To be sure, it owes some of its unusual success to North Dakota’s well-insulated economy, which is heavy on agricultural staples and light on housing speculation. But that hasn’t stopped out-of-state politicos from beating a path to chilly Bismarck in search of advice.

½ UK children in poverty live in cold, damp homes

The study of 2,000 10-17-year-olds by the Children’s Society charity revealed that 76 percent of British children are “often worried” about how much money the family had.

More than 53 percent said their home was too cold last winter and 24 percent said it was “much colder” than they would have liked.