Month: July 2013

That Most Charming of Couples: Nationalism and Hypocrisy

It’s not easy being a flag-waving American nationalist. In addition to having to deal with the usual disillusion, anger, and scorn from around the world incited by Washington’s endless bombings and endless wars, the nationalist is assaulted by whistle blowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, who have disclosed a steady stream of human-rights and civil-liberties scandals, atrocities, embarrassing lies, and embarrassing truths. Believers in “American exceptionalism” and “noble intentions” have been hard pressed to keep the rhetorical flag waving by the dawn’s early light and the twilight’s last gleaming.

West War Crimes in Syria Exposed

There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when the Western governments and mainstream media would make a clamor over reported massacres. Now, despicably, these governments and media just ignore such atrocities.

Why? Because it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries, whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as “rebels” fighting for “democratic freedom”.

Inside Syria: Britain Violates Own Anti-Terrorist Legislation

The United Nations Security Council of which Britain is a member has al-Nusra on their terrorist list.

So in effect I think that Britain is simply towing the line in putting this terrorist organization on the blacklist while at the same time supporting them covertly in violation of their own anti-terrorist legislation.

This is true for Britain, but it’s also true for the United States and several other countries, which openly support the al-Nusra affiliate to al-Qaeda via the so-called Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army.

Thousands of Syrian police who joined the rebels are on U.S. payroll

The United States has been paying thousands of Syrian police officers who deserted the regime of President Bashar Assad by World Tribune Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama has approved tens of millions of dollars to pay the salaries of police officers who joined the rebels. They said the officers were working to maintain order in rebel-controlled territory, […]

Saudi Arabia prince defects from royal family

On Saturday, Khalid Bin Farhan said “With pride, I announce my defection from al-Saudi family in Saudi Arabia… This regime in Saudi Arabia does not stand by God’s rules or even [the country’s] established rules and its policies, decisions and actions are totally based on [the] personal will of its leaders.”

How Goldman Sachs Robbed You Of Five Billion Dollars

Wall Street can rob you indirectly too– how are Goldman Sachs and other big banks artificially manipulating the aluminum market and other commodities to make consumers needlessly pay more for everyday items, netting them billions of excess dollars? Cenk Uygur breaks down the disturbing findings.

The Corporate Media’s Mass Hypnosis

Delivery systems and platforms for information may proliferate at blinding speed, but most Americans have no access to anything resembling the truth. They may know the names of the dead – like Trayvon Martin – but have no clue why they died. “Lies and nonsense are the standard fare for the most read and watched news sources in this country.”

Al-Qaeda Unleashed Against Syria and Iraq With Acceptance of the West

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – the official denomination of al-Qaeda in Iraq – does not even pretend to be not responsible for the relentless bombing, political assassination and mostly sectarian horror unleashed across Iraq during Ramadan.

But this is exactly what they’re doing, with relish; throwing arrays of crude bombs made with fertilizer enhanced with ball bearings, manipulating a small army of foreign suicide bombers.

Bankers Own the World

And are ultimately destroying it!
In every era, there are certain people and institutions that are held in the highest public regard as they embody the prevailing values of society. Not that long ago, Albert Einstein was a major public figure and was widely revered. Can you name a scientist that commands a similar presence today?