We Kept Our Faith: A Message From Syria

Ibrahim Mohammad, a resident of Aleppo and formerly of the Syrian Arab Army, sends a strong and moving message on the realities of the regime change war on his country.

Read carefully for those who have doubts.
Some of you might find my way aggressive sometimes.. Well, consider this, I lived this bloody crisis through every detail of it, I fought for my country and I paid my share of blood, it doesn’t make me a saint neither it makes me some sort of a genius who knows everything, nor it makes me better than the rest of the world, it just gave me a little bit more experience and deepened my faith. How do you think we survived so far? We kept our faith.

So before anyone criticize the #Russian#Turkish agreement, put your emotions away and consider the following:

First, there is a leadership that has been leading this country in the last bloody 9 years from victory to victory through all the political, intelligence and military traps that you might or might not know about, this leadership has an amount of information, knowledge and experience that you can’t even imagine a part of, so be careful not to compare yourselves to this leadership, because you’re simply not up to it.

Second, which is not the first time I say it, this is not a video game or a Hollywood movie, nor it is one of your sweet fantasies of a perfect world, this is reality. All this war is not fair and the whole world is not fair, so wake up and understand this: Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq, Russia and Iran are all working together – everyone is doing its part as wanted.

#Hezbollah#Iran and #Iraq have already gave so much blood side by side with us while #Russia has always been giving the political cover to every step along he way, in addition to many to the military support. No one is leading anyone, everyone is doing its own part.

Third, to those who do not want a ceasefire !! Go ahead, hold your guns and go to the front lines to show us your bravery instead of showing us what’s going on inside of your narrow minds!! Those who were fighting contentiously for last 51 days might need a break if you do not know !! They are not machines, they are humans, actually they are more human than anyone else.

When I see our enemies complaining, starting from the terrorist and not ending with the #US veto on the agreement, and then I see some of who supposed to be on our side are taking the same place, what should I think ?
They are either some spies who are trying to turn us against our leadership and our allies by shaking our faith and triggering our emotions!! Or they are some ignorant person who don’t know anything about politics or even the reality on the ground and they think that they’re watching “The Avengers” !! Or in the best case scenario, they are good people who are driven by their emotions to the point where they can’t see what we gained here!!

And only to these people I say : Keep calm and trust the #Syrian_Arab_Army, trust our leadership and have faith, do not give our enemies a free victory, do not be like those who were decried once by #Sayyed_H : “They are not used to being victorious, they are used to being defeated, when we gave them a victory they could not handle it so they refused it” Wake up, protect your minds, stop repeating the enemy’s narrative and stop wasting your energy.

While some people are complaining about a ceasefire that won’t last for too long time, our troops are gathering somewhere in preparation for new battles. These pictures can really describe the outcome of #Erdogan and #Putin perfectly.

Ibrahim was previously interviewed by the great Eva Bartlett which you can listen to here.

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