Wahhabis Go Nuclear – Literally

By Pepe Escobar

The serious possibility of a nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 is only a few weeks away – on June 30. And guess what the terminally paranoid House of Saud is up to: lay their hands on a NUCLEAR BOMB to counteract the non-existent Iranian “nuclear bomb”, which Tehran considers as un-Islamic, and wouldn’t have it anyway because of stringent inspections bound to be part of the final nuclear deal.

The Pentagon, via the usual “anonymous sources”, is leaking to Murdoch papers that the House of Saud is bound to buy a ready-made nuclear bomb from Pakistan.

This is all about what the House of Saud, other GCC minions and, crucially, Bibi’s hardcore extremist Israeli government consider an “existential threat” to their survival: the non-existent Iranian bomb.

We can’t just dismiss it as yet another instance of geopolitical surrealism.The problem is Riyadh’s got some credit with Islamabad – as the House of Saud invested billions of dollars in the 70s in the Pakistani nuclear program, which was a counterpunch against the Indian nuclear program.

Moreover King Salman, in person, wanted Islamabad to provide troops for his ongoing war on Yemen. Islamabad said no, thanks. Instead, a nuclear deal may – and the operative word is “may” – have been struck. NO ONE in Riyadh or Islamabad will obviously confirm any of this.

Apparently the Pentagon may not be spewing out pure propaganda – as usual. There are a lot of Masters of the Universe VIPs who are fed up with the House of Saud on a number of key issues, most of all the Saudi oil price war decimating the US shale oil industry.

On the other hand, obviously the House of Saud would NEVER be allowed to go – literally – nuclear – without a green light from Washington.

Lateral Pentagon bombing of the Iran nuclear deal? Stay tuned.

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