Video” Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis Tell You What Your Mainstream Media Won’t

Via Vanessa Beeley and Alex Rubenstein.


“Watch Yevhen Karas the leader of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi terror gang C14’s speech from Kiev earlier this month. Straight from the horses’ mouth, he dispels the many narratives pushed by the left, the mainstream media and the State Department.”

He claims:- Ukraine is being armed as pawns of the West because “we have fun killing”- “We have started a war”- “We have the most Javelins on the European continent”- The European family has already collapsed- Maidan would’ve been a “gay parade” if not for Nazi influence- We are doing the tasks set by the West.

C14 was started as the youth wing of the Svoboda party, founded by Oleh Tyahnybok, pictured with Joe Biden in April 2014. C14 signed an agreement with Kiev’s city government to patrol its streets in early 2018. Months later it began a campaign of pogroms against Romani camps. The “14” in C14 refers to 14 words coined by American neo-Nazi David Lane “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” (Telegram)

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