Understanding the Russian Role in Syria

Syrian Ibrahim Mohammad clarifies here the misunderstandings that abound concerning the Russian motivations in aiding Syria:

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I recently replied to a comment on one of my posts and I’d like to share it with everyone to avoid as much useless conversations as possible in order to save time and energy.

” I hope that you get me right on this..
If you think that Russia would bring legions to go into war with another nation for the sake of our nation or anyone else, then you’re completely mistaken !! If you think that we’re waiting for them to do so, you’re also mistaken !! If you’re (even unintentionally) comparing the Russian-Syrian relationship with the US-Israeli relationship, then you’re mistaken too !!
Russia has its own interests with Turkey and other countries which we understand very well, it doesn’t make Russia a traitor !! Russia is our ally not our parent or our guardian !! We didn’t ask the Russians to fight our wars for us !! They are giving us the required support that we asked for.
However, if anyone wants to understand the Russian Syrian coordination effects, they must remember what happened to Erdogan in that room on the 5th of March !!”

But what happened on March the 5th?

“I precisely meant how Erdogan was humiliated by Putin, waiting in that champer and then meeting Putin while all of the Turkish delegation members were standing and only Erdogan was on a chair !!
Especially that this summit was after a month of begging by Turkey to reach a ceasefire while the Russians were deliberately stalling to buy us more time in order to enhance the situation on the ground in our favor”

I’m posting this for some people to start distinguishing between what happens in movies and fairy tales, and how politics works in real life.
We understand that Russia has its own interests in other places as it has its most important interests in Syria, to those who think that they are “warning” the Syrians or the Syrian leadership of any “potential threats by Russia” !! Would you please wake up ?! Or at least know your limits if it’s not too much to ask !?
Do you really believe that you know more than what the Syrian leadership is already aware of ?! After all these years during the crisis !!
If you can’t stand politics, or understand how it works, then keep yourselves out of it for your own sake !! It’s very simple.

Originally published (Ibrahim Mohammad, Facebook)

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