Trucker’s Protest Canada: Some Thoughts by Cory Morningstar

Truckers protest. Canada Resists. Ottawa, January 29, 2022.

The mainstream headlines with “sightings” of Confederate flags (some articles actually state “a flag”, meaning a single sighting) is strategic. It paints Canada as an extension of the Trump “movement” in the United States. To incite disdain and hatred toward the Canadian working class. [Buried in the fine print, CBC, Jan 30, 2022: ‘At least one Confederate flag was spotted in the crowd, a holdover from the U.S. Civil War that is often associated with racist and far-right elements. Indigenous demonstrators flew the Mohawk warrior flag and waved the flag of the Métis Nation.’

Canadians (aside from use in protests such as this one) don’t even display/fly Canadian flags like Americans do. Corporations might, government buildings do, but rarely citizens. When I go to the United States, I am always perplexed by the flags everywhere. Of the few people that do have confederate flags, it has been found most actually have no clue even what they represent. They believe they are symbolic of “rural pride, redneck kitsch, or as a symbol of generic rebellion”.

Similar to how a person may wear a Che Guevara shirt but have no idea who he is, or how people think World Economic Forum’s “great reset” is a communist plot. It’s branding amidst lack of knowledge/history. [“In a 2011 web post, a Fort McMurray worker described asking a colleague why he had put the flag on his truck bumper. ‘I understood almost immediately when he referred to it as the Union Jack,'” he wrote.]

This resistance is diverse. Men, women, children, truckers, Amish, Mennonites, trades, all nationalities, all colours. The groups that not stray far from their communities, are not in Ottawa, but showed their support for the truckers along Canadian highways, from coast to coast, in freezing temperatures. The truckers have concrete demands to restore basic rights to ALL Canadians, not just truck drivers. They have inspired resistance across the globe.

Indians/First Nations (Indigenous being the politically correct term assigned by the colonizer/ Canadian Government) are distinct. The true owners, defenders, protectors of the (stolen) land, they are one with the land itself. Their presence is sacred, their blessings a gift. Parliament Hill sits on unceded Algonquin territory. “Sand from a communal Indigenous burial ground, almost certainly containing fragments of human remains, is believed to have been used to mix mortar for the original Parliament Buildings.”

As far as the “desecration” to the Terry Fox statue, the statue was donned with a hat, a Canadian flag served as a scarf around his neck, holding protest signs and an upside down Canadian flag (symbolic of a nation in distress). I have seen two signs. They said “He will not divide Canada”, and another “mandate freedom”. Dressing the statue to convey a symbolic message has been carried out for other events and there was never objection to this.

It is amazing how media frames. When this is over, history will show that the lockdowns (no, not the “pandemic”), have killed far more people than they have saved. The collateral damage is unprecedented, with those most vulnerable, having been harmed the most. Suicide rates, opioid deaths and mental illness are skyrocketing. Our small businesses have been destroyed while corporations flourished. Families and communities are broken. The psychological damage and mental anguish is palpable. Yet, the media has the public hating those trying to end the madness.

It’s simple. You stand with the ruling class, or you stand with the people. I have never been so disgusted by those that proclaim they are Left, as I am today. It breaks my heart to see tens/hundreds of thousands of working class citizens being vilified and treated as garbage by those that should be standing with them. You can almost taste the disdain, by the so-called Left, in your mouth. If there was ever any question that the Left abandoned the working class long ago, there is no longer any doubt whatsoever.

In the Covid era, the art of virtue signaling has become a pastime sport enjoyed by the liberal petite bourgeoisie. In united fashion, they vilify the movement as racist, empowering the very class that oppress the people and destroys the Earth. In doing so, they align with the very system built on white supremacy. Thus, insulating what they claim to oppose. All that remains of America’s “Left” now are the laptop class that constitute the purity police. The American Left has lost all credibility. Not a shred of credibility remains.

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