North Korea

The Dangers of War

What is Behind the US-North Korea Conflict? What’s happening between the U.S. and North Korea to produce such headlines this week as “Korean Tensions Escalate,” and  “North Korea Threatens U.S.”? by Jack A. Smith The New York Times reported March 30: “This week, North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jung-un, ordered his underlings to prepare for a missile attack on the […]

US Criminal Propensity Justifies North Korea’s Nukes

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stands out. But it is not because the secretive Stalinist regime is a nuclear pariah threatening global security, as the Western corporate media would have us believe by Finian Cunningham No, North Korea stands out for being a beacon of rationality and, incredible as it may seem, peace. Bear in mind the following features: […]

Resisting Genocide

Syria, North Korea and Cuba by Gearóid Ó Colmáin As NATO and Gulf Co-operation Council terrorists persist in their attempt to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic with car bombs, torture, beheadings and mayhem, the Syrian state has still shown no evidence of imminent collapse. Russia has sent 5 warships to the Mediterranean. China has continued to condemn, albeit with extreme diplomacy, […]