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‘Cast Your Whole Vote, Not A Strip of Paper Merely’.

The title above is taken from Henry David Thoreau’s seminal 1849 essay , Civil Disobedience. One of the most influential ever written. Read by Gandhi and Martin Luther King who both declared its influence upon them, it’s as relevant today as it ever was. Particularly on this day! Election day 2024. Thoreau beseeches us to make voting a symbol of […]

Julian Assange Home! And Free!

In moving scenes yesterday we finally saw Julian Assange step off a plane onto Australian soil. His joy was visible as his wife Stella rushed into his arms and Julian lifted her off the ground in an embrace before they kissed. He also embraced his father. It brought tears to my eyes to see all this happen because, as Stella […]

Julian Assange Free – but it’s not over just yet

BSNEWS editor Alison Banville: In 2019 I attended a talk in London by UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, who, after visiting Julian in Belmarsh prison, was so shocked by his deteriorated condition that he immediately spoke out declaring that Julian’s life was at risk: “In my view, this case has never been about Mr. Assange’s guilt or innocence, […]

UK army seeks unrestricted access to Lebanon: Report

The clauses of a proposed memorandum with Beirut include giving British troops immunity and authority to move around Lebanon armed and in uniform Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar revealed on 21 November, citing diplomatic and military sources, that the UK wants to give its army access to Lebanese soil through a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Beirut. “There is a draft being discussed […]

Ansar Allah (Houthis) Leader Discusses Yemen’s Blockade and Beyond

Following Israel’s war and siege against Gaza, which began in earnest on October 7 of last year and has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians, the Yemeni Army led by Ansar Allah declared a military operation against Israel. Its aim: to compel Tel Aviv to cease its destructive war on Gaza. No stranger to famine, genocide, […]

Craig Murray: Assange Final Appeal

Craig Murray was in the public gallery at the Royal Courts of Justice Reporting on Julian Assange’s extradition hearings has become a vocation that has now stretched over five years. From the very first hearing, when Justice Snow called Assange “a narcissist” before Julian had said anything whatsoever other than to confirm his name, to the last, when Judge Swift […]


Conservative politicians have accepted nearly £20,000 in funds from the Israel lobby, including for “solidarity” missions to the country, while Israel engages in war crimes, Declassified finds. At least nine UK Conservative MPs have accepted donations from the pro-Israel lobby since the beginning of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, Declassified has found. The lobby organisations in question are parliamentary group Conservative Friends […]

Russell Brand: What’s Really Going On?

It’s fascinating to watch how easy it is for the corporate media’s institutional bias to successfully direct the dumb gaze of the sleepwalkers to its chosen angle so that the parameters of debate are squeezed and narrowed until they include only its own perspective. In this case it’s, ‘is Russell Brand a hypocrite?’

Headteacher is Harassed and Resigns After Speaking Up to Protect Children From Covid Harms in His School

‘Now taking my employer to court. I have a right to lawful free speech in the interest of safeguarding children against harm.’ Mike Fairclough, recent former head of West Rise Junior School in Eastbourne, tells his story: Clarification regarding my position at West Rise Junior School, resignation and future court case for discrimination, harassment and preventing me from making a […]

BSNews at the Save Our Ticket Offices Rally

The following article by BSN editor Alison Banville was published in The Morning Star. A few days ago I joined a large crowd gathered outside the Department of Transport in London. There were ornate union banners being held aloft proudly emblazoned with ‘Manchester RMT’, ‘Liverpool, Branch no 5 est. 1913’, ‘Wigan RMT’ and, most movingly for me as a girl […]