The Dirty War on Syria: Barrel Bombs, Partisan Sources and War Propaganda

While it is important to recognise the sources of bias, the repetition of anti-Syrian stories based on partisan sources cannot be a matter of simple bias. We know from independent evidence that earlier claims of massacres were fabricated by the sectarian groups, then backed by Washington. This has been documented with respect to mass killings at Houla, Aqrab, Daraya, and East Ghouta

HRW Claims US ‘Most Powerful Proponent of Human Rights’?

The quote above is from a January 4, 2015 article by Ken Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW). Imagine what the families of at least half million Iraqis killed as a result of the USA’s illegal invasion would say of that statement. Such crimes, when acknowledged at all, are downgraded to “faults” or “mistakes” by liberal elites like Ken Roth.

Russia In The Cross Hairs

Russian foreign reserves should be used to retire the outstanding national debt, thus making Russia the only country in the world without a national debt. The remaining dollars should be dumped in coordinated actions with China to destroy the dollar, the power basis of American Imperialism.

GMO, Additives, Contaminants and Pesticides. European “Food Safety” on Behalf of the Food and Drink Conglomerates

“We were shocked by our findings. Even without checking for undeclared interests, the number of conflicts of interest in this agency is very worrying. Experts with conflicts of interest dominate all panels but one. We found that the bulk of conflicts are from research funding and private consultancy contracts, but certain crucial institutions for scientists (scientific societies, journals) are also targeted by industry lobbying, and EFSA seems to ignore this”.

First (and second) look at the Amnesty International report on U.S. drone strikes.

I do think it’s important and worthwhile that Amnesty International are doing work like this, and it’s much better that they release this kind of report than not.

But on a first and partial reading, I do also think that it offers yet more evidence of how Amnesty tend to go softer on the alleged Crimes of the Official Good Guys than they do on the alleged Crimes of the Official Bad Guys.

How NGOs support US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda in Syria under a Fake Humanitarian Mandate

Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests. Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.