How Americans can help world peace

The sobering fact for many Americans is that the world would be a better, far more peaceful place if only their government spent more time and resources tending to their own country’s onerous social needs. Needless to say, America would be a far better place too for its citizens.
But this eminently reasonable outcome won’t happen under present circumstances because US governance relies on imperialist conflict-making abroad.

Hazards of Revolution

The uprisings of the Arab Spring have so far produced anarchy in Libya, a civil war in Syria, greater autocracy in Bahrain and resumed dictatorial rule in Egypt.

The Arab Spring Three Years On

The oil dictatorships have been able to repress most efforts at even mild reform, Syria is hurtling to suicide and likely partition, Yemen is subjected to Obama’s global drone terror campaign, Tunisia is in a kind of limbo, Libya lacks a government that can control the militias, and in Egypt, the major country of the Arab world, the military have acted with extreme brutality

Zionist, Arab Despots ‘Strategic Partners’

The bottom line is that the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies have now clearly emerged as strategic partners with the Israeli regime. Despite superficial differences, all are lawless regimes that are guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against Arab and Muslims in particular. They share criminal methodology and logistics.

West’s Damning Silence Over Bahrain

But unlike the more overt despotism of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has benefited from the tutelage of British deception and, in more recent years, that of Washington too. Bahrain has thus embraced – very superficially – the trappings of constitutional government and rule of law. In reality, the government and courts are appointed arms of the Khalifa clan. Scratch the surface and the same abominable despotism reigns as in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

‘US, UK Hypocrisy Shows in Bahrain’

Terror’s State continues in Bahrain while Western world is asleep by PressTV An analyst debunks the US and UK governments’ claims of bringing democracy to the Middle East in the wake off their collaboration in the crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, Press TV reports. Police in Bahrain continue to step up attacks on pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain as questions […]

British support for the Saudi intervention in Bahrain

An edited extract from Secret Affairs by Mark Curtis Saudi Arabia and the utility of intervention Whitehall’s long-standing special relationship with the theocratic rulers in Riyadh has been enhanced by the new coalition government at a time when evidence continues to emerge on the extent of Saudi funding of terrorism and when the Saudis have taken drastic measures to clamp […]