AETA and a Haven From the Animal Holocaust

Only in the insanity of corporate America can nonviolent animal rights activists be charged as terrorists while a white supremacist who gunned down African-Americans in a South Carolina church is charged on criminal counts. Only in the insanity of America can Wall Street financers implode the global economy through massive acts of fraud, causing widespread suffering, and be rewarded with trillions of dollars in government bailouts.

Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins; 2015 on Pace to Become Hottest Year on Record

Study co-author Paul Ehrlich, a Bing professor of population studies in biology and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, told Stanford News, “[The study] shows without any significant doubt that we are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event. There are examples of species all over the world that are essentially the walking dead.”

US Court Hears Arguments for Chimpanzee Personhood

It is the very essence of the common law, the judge said, that it “evolves according to new discoveries and social mores.” They are enough like humans that they should have a right to “bodily liberty,” even if other rights, like voting or freedom of religion, are beyond them.


we see the connections between animal husbandry and pollution in the ocean, diminishment of life in the seas, the destruction of the rainforests and climate change. Veganism is real conservation in action. It goes beyond talking about climate change and diminishment of biodiversity and actually does something to address the problems.

Watch What It’s Like to Be a Factory-Farmed Chicken

The US meat industry maintains a strict code of secrecy over what goes on within the vast facilities where animals are fattened for slaughter, as Ted Genoways showed in a Mother Jones feature last year (which he expanded into an excellent full-length book). So the glimpses we get of these fecal-laden dungeons tend to be in the form of grainy videos, shot by undercover animal-welfare activists posing as workers

Non-violent? Don’t Flatter Yourself

The vast majority of “food” we consume results from unspeakable animal cruelty, environmental devastation, and the use of exploited human labor. This “food” contains toxins and chemicals and pesticides and GMOs that rain violence down upon ourselves and all living things and the system that controls access to such “food” perpetrates the daily — hourly — brutality of poverty. Every single bite you take contains the not-so-hidden ingredient of violence.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

This is the film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see.

“COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret” is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.

B12 Myth – Vegan b12 deficiencies

A tufts University Study in Boston found that not only was low B-12 levels common in the entire population but 39% of Americans were actually b12 deficient. Even though these individuals were eating as much as 3 times the recommended daily intake. There was also a large scale Framingham Offspring Study that found nearly 40% of participants between the ages of 26-83 had low b12 levels ~ a level in which some people experience neurological symptoms. Scary. Again vegans and vegetarians are routinely tested but people eating animal bits and pieces are not. When they are, then the truth comes out that b12 deficiency is not at all exclusive to a plant-centred lifestyle like ‘they’ would have you believe.