That Time the MSM Let a Little Boy’s Head Bleed So They Could Capture Fake News Footage

All this Fake news talk keeps jogging our memory of how many different ways the corrupt media manipulates and fakes news on a daily basis.

I hearken back to a young boy who was recently pulled from the rubble in Syria after a missile leveled his home. The boy is bleeding from his head and is clearly wounded. But the youngster does not receive medical attention until the media is allowed to snap pictures and video of the bloody child. Those images were plastered on the front page of nearly every liberal newspaper in the world in an attempt to demonize military action in Syria to curb “ISIS”.

This is fake news at its worst. It’s staged and it’s brutal and it’s the bread and butter of the corrupt media worldwide who would rather secure footage of a bleeding victim then lend a hand to a child who needs medical attention. What has happened to humanity? Is there no one in the media who would stand up to help this bleeding child instead of exploiting him?

Make no mistake, there’s plenty of problematic fake news but it is not generated from small, conservative outlets. It is pumped out on a daily basis by the biggest names in liberal media. The war against this type of “media” has only just begun. And we at True Pundit will continue to expose and combat it.

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  1. The NYT has published the photo of “the dazed boy in the orange seat ” at leat once every day since 18 August 2016.

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