‘This is who we are, this is Syria’

Our friend Ibrahim Muhammad writes movingly below on the indomitable spirit of resilience, defiance and hope which is the hallmark of the amazing Syrian people. Please view his video and read his words:

Just a small part of the #Syrian_beauty ❤️??❤️

See the amount of joy, happiness and peace, just imagine the other picture: What if ISIS or Al Nusra or what they call FSA have won this war and all these areas were under their control ? What would’ve happened ? How would it look like? Some guys teach each other how to slaughter anyone who’s any different from them !!?? Or some children practicing to be suicidal bombers ??!! Or some girls who are completely covered with black, teaching other girls that any non-covered woman must be stoned and burned to death ??!!

Just imagine it, it’s exactly what the US, Israel and the western governments would’ve achieved from all this war !!

None of us in this video haven’t lost something or someone dear to our hearts during this crises, yet here we are full of hope, hiking, singing and dancing in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for us to live these extraordinary amazing moments, to feel even more connected to this great, strong and subtle mother, our great country, our beloved Syria ..

We suffered, we sacrificed, we steadfast and we are winning, so yes we have all the right to be proud and honored to say it as loudly as we can: We are Syrians, we stood against more than half of the world and yet, here we are standing tall as the mountains of this great powerful land – not broken but full of hope and determination.

Had it not been for the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian_Arab_Army none of us would be here today celebrating our land and showing our will of life.

Thank God for the glorious gift that he gave us, the gift of the Syrian Arab Army ?✌️???❤️

This is who we are, this is #Syria ❤️

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