Think For Yourself. It’s Never Been More Important

I was worrying that people had started thinking for themselves, but no.

We can simultaneously be social distancing enough to ensure that flu is eradicated, but also NOT social distancing enough, causing Covid to run wild. Make up your minds.

Mortality isn’t up against the 5 year average. -“but that’s just because of how effective lockdown is!…Imagine if we hadn’t locked down at all” they cry, as they scrub their hands raw with poisons, content to never see their family again.

The PCR test is known to be a poor diagnostic test, but ah well. Doesn’t matter. Better to be safe than sorry— but then you’re still HYSTERICAL when the numbers are high. Of course they’re high, you’re using a test that you can literally find ANYTHING with if you’re looking for it. “I believe the experts” the hallowed cry of someone who has never read past a fucking headline. The experts?? Which ones? You need to stop spreading this completely fictitious narrative that there’s a homogeneous scientific collective that have unanimously all agreed with these completely hypothetical concerns.

That’s why you source these things. If the scientific community is in full agreement, sources to data shouldn’t be too difficult. And why do you not reference the thousands and thousands of experts who disagree with this “scientific consensus”?? They are scientists too, and they disagree. Side note though: science is NOT and has NEVER been ruled by consensus. That would make progress and learning literally impossible. And we’d still be in perfect, agreement in our blissful, ignorant certitude that the sun revolves around the Earth, and not vice versa.

You can think that this virus is practically a death sentence, where looking too carelessly at the wrong person might spark it, but can conveniently ignore mass protests around the world. Surely protesters should be dropping like flies? Surely it should be sweeping through India right now? As millions protest? No masks. No social distancing. Touching, dancing, laughing. Making food with their hands. That’s right, their HANDS! And I bet they’re not even spraying their street food with bleach before eating it! Crazy! India’s dramatic fall in virus cases leaves experts stumped

You point at countries with strict lockdowns and say, look, see it works. Australia and New Zealand seem to be a popular choice. Conveniently forgetting that it’s summer there, so naturally cold and coronaviruses are down. But then ignoring or lambasting anyone that mentions Sweden. “SWEDEN! Ha! Don’t insult my intelligence by even mentioning SWEDEN! We all know, without the need of explaining why or how, that the Swedes are a bunch of bullshitters, I don’t even think it’s a real place! SWEDEN! He actually said the name! What a bellend!”

Switzerland locked down too. Very strictly, but they have more transmissions than anyone in Europe. Once again cherry picking data as facts to fit your ideology. Because let’s face it, Covidism is a religion now. Complete with high priests who simultaneously preach harsh lessons, while being above these lessons themselves. And of course the blindly loyal followers who suffer cognitive dissonance if faced with facts that don’t fit. All gathering round the scaffold to gawp and cheer at the latest heretic strung up. I wonder how it feels to be just a part of the faceless, remorseless mob. Must feel safe, if nothing else. But being a person is much better, do give it a try. Thinking, as much trouble as it’s gotten me, if fucking worth it.

Originally published (Jonny Leach, Facebook)

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