‘The Wrong Kind of Veteran’ – Veterans For Peace UK, Blackpool Council and the Death of Civil Liberties


  1. Michael Elstub

    Thank you for this. I was one of the few and singled out to be told we were leafletting illegally. Your support is much appreciated. Today we will be in Durham for the Miners Gala, where hopefully we will be received a little more kindly. Without a licience.

    • Alison Banville

      Hi Michael, thanks for telling me that, I was just saying to Spike (above) that my blood is still boiling! I was chatting to Norm last night about the Miner’s Gala – I would give anything to be there, I’m from a mining family in South Wales. Have a good one! Alison

  2. Michael Pike

    Fantastic blog.
    The profiteers of war don’t like the truth.

    • Alison Banville

      Hi Spike, Alison here. Thanks for that. It really couldn’t have made my blood boil more what happened to VFP UK in Blackpool! I’m actually still fuming! As I said, the article went out on Thursday in The Morning Star hard copy but when they sent me the link to it on their website they had eviscerated it and I couldn’t put my name to it. Thank goodness me and Mike have our own news site!

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