The White Helmet resurrection and start of new war against Syria

The White Helmets are not “born-again angels”, they are still Al Qaeda auxiliaries

The West is exploiting the earthquake to restart the military war against Syria. I will be writing in more detail this week. I just returned from the coastal town of Lattakia which was terribly broken by the earthquake on the 6th February and subsequent aftershocks and secondary quakes. The city suffered 805 deaths, approximately 300 injuries and thousands homeless or too traumatised to return to their homes while the tremors still continue.

This is my section of UK Column News on the 24th February. I cover the post-earthquake wall-to-wall promotion of the Al Qaeda-linked, MI6-incubated White Helmet organisation operating exclusively in the terrorist-controlled Idlib province – north-west Syria. Millions of dollars are pouring into this corner of Idlib and the West is heavily platforming erstwhile head of Al Qaeda (now rebranded as Hayat Tahrir Al Sham or HTS) with the intention of annexing this territory and making Abu Mohammed Joulani the head of the “opposition” to central Syrian governance. As I have said before you can put an Al Qaeda leader in a suit but he is nothing more than a terrorist in a suit.

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