The Truth About Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore's response shared on Duke and Duchess Instagram page

A 99 yr old bloke staggering around his garden to save the NHS from the wrecking done to it by the very people now fawning all over him. Sickening.

Maybe this war hero can buy a fucking badge from Matt Hancock? To sit next to the medals he accrued defending the country our spineless electorate consistently votes to sell off from under him?

This guy, from the generation that not only saved the country from fascism but went on to rebuild it & create the NHS, is now hobbling around his garden to do it all over again. At the end of his life. When he should be sat in the sun, proud of the society he beqeathed to us.

Every Tory enabler in the country should don a blanket of shame & regret & queue around the block to drop on their bended knees and apologise to that man.

I’ve never been remotely proud of being British. Not once. Not ever. But I’ve rarely felt more ashamed to be British than I do right now.

We don’t deserve people like Captain Moore.

Solidarity not charity. Fund the NHS.

Originally published (Harry Paterson, Facebook)

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