The Syrian Presidential Elections in Pictures, by Vanessa Beeley

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Syrians gather at the Syrian Embassy in Beirut as other countries close their embassies to prevent Syrians voting

BSNews editor Alison Banville: The Syrian presidential elections are underway and just as in 2014 regime change countries are closing their embassies in order to prevent Syrians from voting. Why? Because they know President Assad enjoys overwhelming popularity. If ever a situation demonstrated the utter contempt these so called freedom loving nations have for democracy it is this cynical attempt to undermine it when they fear the result will not go their way.

Vanessa Beeley, based in Damascus, reports:

Well, last night we visited areas that were under terrorist occupation prior to liberation by the victorious and steadfast Syrian Arab Army and allies – including Qaboun where some of the fiercest battles were fought over a long period of time and where heroes died defending their country in their droves, of course never mentioned or honoured in Western warhawk media. 

Below are just some of the precious moments spent in the company of the simple people of this noble country, people who will not even consider an alternative to their President who has steered them safely through ten years of hell on earth. 

Syrians celebrating even before the election results

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