The Labour Files: Where is Democracy? Mainstream Media Blackout.

Corporate media silence as biggest leak in British political history reveals it’s implicated with politicians in a scandal of epic proportions.

All hell should have broken loose in the last three days as Al Jazeera published in succession three videos of their investigation into leaks from inside the UK Labour Party. What these files reveal should be front page and TV breaking news but instead there has been absolute silence from the corporate media. A silence so deep it’s practically deafening! But why?

The answer is very simple: the entire UK mainstream media is implicated by the findings of the investigation. We see throughout the four episodes how corporate ‘journalists’ time and again, enthusiastically, and with a venom unprecedented in any reporting I have previously seen, colluded with Labour elites on the right of the party to bring down, not just Jeremy Corbyn, but any Labour members, councilors or activists who supported him, using the most despicable tactics. Careers and lives were ruined, racism and Islamaphobia abounded, the Palestinian people were betrayed by the truly sickening abuse of the accusation of antisemitism and the frightening McCarthyist climate it created, and by the welcoming of, and abeyance to, Israeli influence. It really is a putrid sewer Al Jazeera has had to delve into in the service of truth. Thank god for the brave person who had enough moral fibre, decency and basic humanity to leak the files.

Outright lies were fed to the media, it’s reporters guzzling them down with glee and regurgitating them dressed up as impartial news. And the public fell for it. Just as enough of them always do to make disaster possible. Just as we have been taken into a series of immoral and illegal wars based on lies amplified with relish by a morally corrupt media, so enough of the public to let it happen repeatedly swallow mindlessly whatever comes out of their TV or shouts at them from the front pages. They, too, have a responsibility for undermining the very foundations of our democratic process, compromised as it already may be.

The utter contempt shown for democracy in the Labour Files is nothing short of disgusting and robbed this country of its only real chance since god knows when to make life better for the poorest and most vulnerable. None of that mattered to the sick individuals who cast their rotten net over unsuspecting good people doing their best to serve their communities.

I beg you, do not let this seismic investigation be buried. Challenge the ‘journalists’ who willingly played their part in this violation and demand to know why they are silent about it, as rhetorical an enquiry as that might be. Call them out! The mainstream media in this country is unfit for purpose and must be swept away. Call out too the politicians and panjamdrums who ruined people’s lives to prevent democracy operating.

Watch The Labour Files below:

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