The Driver

He knows many celebrities
But he's not fazed at all
Hollywood gods and rock stars
Are idols that can fall 
He's not intimidated
In fame's hallowed hall
And in my humble opinion
He outshines them all
His clients sit in shadow
But always they are seen
By his eyes in the mirror
Of a top class limousine 
His brown eyes see everything
These stars have ever been
From labourer or waitress
To an idol of the screen
Those brown eyes see more than
His passengers disclose
Beyond the famous faces
Beyond designer clothes
And after all the premiers
And star-studded shows
He watches as the lights are dimmed 
And the curtains closed
They know him as their driver
But he's not what he seems
He waits for them every night
But he has other dreams 
His personal ambitions
Have a sacramental theme
That's anchored to a place inside
Where he directs the scenes
He's very complicated
Has a laser focused mind
He's a man of contradictions
Sometimes fractious, sometimes kind
He's dismissive and attentive
He's enraging and sublime
He's narcotic holy water
He's ungodly and divine
He's like a wounded tiger
Restless power, feral, wild
And though I sense the danger
In the man I see the child
Inside him strength and gentleness 
Are elegantly reconciled
And through this understanding
Our bed is not defiled
Though we meet in cold indifference
There is no coldness here
I just see him through the wounds of
My past suffering and fear
But lust and carnal passion
Lie within a greater sphere
So my passion with affection burns
When I hold him near
And I hold other men
In this unusual embrace
For I've seen how love can turn into
A field of toxic waste
I've had that bitter pill and, folks, I did not like the taste
So I never kiss a man
Without my barriers in place 
And The Driver?
He is gone again
How long I do not know
I'm out of sight and out of mind
When he is on the road
But I keep my equilibrium
By going with the flow
Yes, I can hold him for a night
Then I can let him go.

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