The Dream

My angels
Folded their wings
And turned their backs
Left me unprotected
Wide open to attack
I could not have
Agreed to this!
I thought.
Was I insane?
I was not
After all
Restricted then
By human body
Or human brain
Did my expanded self
In that limitless place
Travel in crazy joy
The highways
Of measureless space
And finding I could play
A mighty cosmic game –
Manipulate the ether
Reality reframe
‘Dark materials’
And a thousand times
Every thought-summoned
Conjured by the
Living Universe
Did I feel it might be fun
To pass something
They call ‘time’
Plunged into chaos
Hunting reason
Chasing rhyme?
I spent so long
Scrabbling for pieces
To make the whole
And this while
The long dark night of the soul.
Is there not a ‘safe word’
I asked
To get me out of this?
A plea, a negotiation?
A close my eyes
And make a wish?
I had to shed
Everything that burned
I threw off
My flaming garments
So the pain could not
To scorch me
Like a vampyre
Exposed to searing sun
That fate does not await me now
The soul repair is done
Yes nothing
Not in tune with
The new frequency
Can survive my orbit
Or penetrate my energy
But what of my angels?
Whose orders did they take?
My own, it seems
That I could prove
I bend
But do not break
I could not see
It was my command
They were under
So that I could blow
My own ego asunder
That death is welcome
I’ve been stretched
On its rack
And the scars of its
Are all over my back
I left the dark chamber
Blinking in shimmering light
There had been
No locked door
And no endless night
My cries for help
I’d thought went unheeded
I see clearly now
No help was needed
I knew as I raised
My head from the floor
I am the One
I’d been waiting for
No gods without
With a golden key
No transcendent being
Setting me free
Nor immanent presence
Outside my domain
The gods and we
Are one and the same
One fluid consciousness
Shared by all kind
Human, animal
Nature – One Mind
One Reality
One Field
One Source
One holomovement
One Universal Force
No separation
Of spirit and science
No religion
Requiring compliance
Implicate, explicate
Without as within
No Heaven and Hell
No original sin
No metaphysical
Just one great dream
Of our own creation
‘We are the imagination
Of ourselves’
A mass reverie
As Bill knew well
I left my prison
Exhausted, elated
My angels still stood
Where they had long waited
Their arms outstretched
Their wings unfurled
They welcomed me home
To the glittering world.

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