The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Could Provide Hard Evidence of “Israeli” Meddling in Trump Election

During a statement before a hidden camera, the CEO of the data harvesting firm Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix boasted of his ability to employ “Israeli companies” to gather intelligence on politicians that the firm is paid to slander, defame and entrap. Nix then went on to praise the ability of “Israeli” intelligence personnel in what can only be described as a power sales pitch to a would-be client.

Even before the depth of Cambridge Analytica’s meddling in the US election was exposed, the Trump campaign’s ties to “Israel” were widely known. Prior to the election, “Israeli” regime leader Benjamin Netanyahu held private meetings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. At the time, Trump’s social media supporters boasted of the fact that Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump was far lengthier than his meeting with Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

Recent months have seen the full scandal of Michael Flynn’s improper behaviour during the interim period between the US election and Donald Trump’s inauguration, fully exposed as “Israelgate”. At that time, Flynn, acting on the orders of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, held conversations with foreign ambassadors, including the then Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak. During his conversation with Kislyak in December of 2016, Flynn lobbied for “Israel” by effectively begging Russia to delay a vote at the UN which ultimately saw Barack Obama’s outgoing administration vote for a pro-Palestinian position.

Kushner was later praised for his lobbying on behalf of a foreign regime by the duel US-“Israeli” citizen Haim Saban. While sitting next to Kushner, Saban spoke cavalierly about how even if Kushner broke US law, Saban nevertheless supported the foreign collusion that Kushner ordered Flynn to commit, on behalf of the Zionist regime.

These personal ties to the “Israeli” regime are not secretive. Far from it, Trump openly paints himself as the most pro-“Israel” President in US history. What remains unknown is what, if anything “Israeli” intelligence officials, either acting in a personal or geopolitical capacity did for the Trump campaign.

It is an established fact that the Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica to manipulate (aka brainwash) US voters through a calculated web based campaign that relied heavily on the stolen personal data of 50 million Facebook users. It has also been established, through the hidden camera admission of Cambridge Analytica’s CEO that the firm uses “Israeli intelligence” as part of its data gathering and data manipulating campaign.

The important question for investigators into Cambridge Analytica’s relationship with both Faceboook and the Trump campaign is therefore: Did Cambridge Analytica procure the services of “Israeli” spies or other organisations directly or indirectly related to the “Israeli” regime, in efforts designed to manipulate US voters into voting for Donald Trump? Not only is this foreign meddling a strong possibility, but the fact that Trump promoted himself as a highly pro-“Israel” candidate even by American standards, means that many of these “Israeli” agents of espionage about which Alexander Nix bragged of employing, may have been all to eager to work in the services of Cambridge Analytica’s pro-Trump meddling scheme.

What the world is witnessing is the western elites from Tel Aviv, London and Washington turning against themselves. Cambridge Analytica ought to be classified as a group engaged in the practice of “Information Terrorism”, and like any terrorist group, its primary motivation is money. Therefore Cambridge Analytica seemed and still seems to be willing to work with anyone, representing anything, so long as the price is right.

Many western politicians who themselves have something to hide and who for both personal and financial reasons are on contrasting sides of both the ongoing Brexit debate, as well as debates over Donald Trump’s legitimacy as a US President, are now fighting with each other and may well throw Cambridge Analytica and perhaps Facebook too, under the gilded bus of western elites.

This spectacle of political cannibalism among a neo-liberal cabal who tend to subscribe more to group-think than to anything related to conscience, will not only be doing the world a favour in exposing the dubious practices of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, but they will be saving many independent journalists a great deal of effort.

In exposing their own as enemies of democracy and political transparency, it will soon become clear not only that many of the biggest elections are rigged, but the extent to which they are rigged by political and corporate elites and the methods they use to do their rigging, may soon see the full light of day – something which is clearly to the benefit of all ordinary people. Crucially, it is not Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela or Syria doing the exposing, something that would have inevitably lead to racist claims of untrustworthiness from the western mainstream media. Instead, the western elites and their associates in the mainstream media re exposing themselves due to their own disunity regarding the issues of Trump, Brexit and their own personal scandals that they are keen to keep away from the hands of info-mercenaries like Cambridge Analytica.

In summary, the current Cambridge Analytica scandal could blow the lid off the nefarious activities of the following actors:

–Donald Trump and his family 

–The Trump campaign including and especially Steve Bannon 

–The Leave.EU Brexit campaign of which Nigel Farage and his professional acquaintances were deeply involved.

–The current British government 

–Alexander Nix and his Cambridge Analytica associates 

–Professor Aleksandr Kogan and his employer, Cambridge University 

–The “Israeli” regime 

–The “Israeli” secret intelligence service known as Mossad 

–Other corporate elites across the US, “Israel” and Europe 

By contrast, the following have been de-facto exonerated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

-The Russian government which has not been shown to have colluded with any American actors in the 2016 election. 

–Wikileaks and Julitan Assange who personally refused to cooperate with Cambridge Analytica and by extrapolation the Trump campaign.

–Independent media that have not and in many cases cannot be bought by fiends like Alexander Nix 

–Bernie Sanders who has not shown to have colluded with any corporate or state entity 

–Jeremy Corbyn whose UK campaigns have been built from grassroots rather than corporate support 


With the US Federal Trade Commission set to broke Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and with Mark Zuckerberg facing calls to testify before the British Parliament, it would seem that as the elites begin fighting among themselves, the truth of their appalling treatment of the ordinary people across the world will become increasingly apparent.

Originally published: Adam Garrie (EurAsiaFuture)

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