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International Criminal Court won’t drop arrest warrant on Gadhafi son

“The ICC case against Saif al-Islam Gadhafi must be seen in context of the illegal NATO assault on Libya, including the public murder of his father and the destruction of the Libyan state,” Australia-based political economist and activist Tim Anderson, told The Final Call via email.  “That is a great crime that cannot be forgotten,” he added.

The REAL Friends of Syria

In stark contrast to the warmongers, criminals and their sycophants in the corporate media and NGO complex, the true friends of Syria are seldom seen on the nightly news. True friends are those who, in these times of fake news and war propaganda embroidered to a degree Edward Bernays could barely imagine, give voice to the voiceless.

The ‘Aleppo Hospital’ Smokescreen

If you believed the western corporate media you might think that the Syrian Government, for some unknown reason, has been bombing its own hospitals, and had killed Aleppo’s only paediatric surgeon. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Syria’s 2016 Congressional Elections. “Enthusiasm to Vote in a War-Torn Country”

While there is a semblance of political negotiation with armed group representatives in Geneva, Syria’s 2016 congress elections are taking place according to the Syrian constitution and electoral law.

The armed groups have shown little interest in elections.

Regardless, Syria’s government and people are clearly taking to heart UN recognition – most recently in UNSC resolution 2254 of December 2015 – that the country’s political future must remain in the hands of Syrians, and no-one else.

Syria: ‘Moderate Rebel’ Massacres and Everyday Propaganda

In English-language media terms, the terrorist attacks on Damascus had virtually disappeared. In their place the military response to terrorist atrocities was presented as a slaughter of civilians and children. The toxic marriage of sectarian sources and western media, once again, turned events on their head. Sectarian fanatics became innocent victims, while the actual civilian casualties disappeared into thin air.

Such is the disinformation of the dirty war on Syria.

The Dirty War on Syria

Western mythology relies on the idea of imperial prerogatives, asking what must ‘we’ do about the problems of another people; an approach which has no basis in international law or human rights. The next steps involve a series of fabrications about the pretexts, character and events of the war. The first pretext over Syria was that the NATO states and the Gulf monarchies were supporting a secular and democratic revolution. When that seemed implausible the second story was that they were saving the oppressed majority ‘Sunni Muslim’ population from a sectarian ‘Alawite regime’. Then, when sectarian atrocities by anti-government forces attracted greater public attention, the pretext became a claim that there was a shadow war: ‘moderate rebels’ were said to be actually fighting the extremist groups. Western intervention was therefore needed to bolster these ‘moderate rebels’ against the ‘new’ extremist group that had mysteriously arisen and posed a threat to the world.