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The Left, Capitalism, and Animal Rights

Dr. Steve Best is Associate Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Texas. He has written 13 books. He engages the issues of terrorism, liberation politics, animal rights, capitalist domination, biotechnology, ecological crisis, mass media and culture. Interview by John Hoch:   JH: Why do you think there’s so much hostility between the anti-capitalist Left and the animal […]

Why Do Left Wing Men Fail To See Their Own Misogyny?

If you’ve done an Arts Degree (you’re reading New Matilda so you’ve probably done at least one) you’ll know the USA or Unexpected Sexist Arsehole. You arrive at Uni all wide-eyed and ready to learn. You’ve got big ideas about changing the world and improving life for the next generation. You CAN car pe diem! You CAN have a dream! […]