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States of Terror

It is nearly certain that we will endure, sooner rather than later, another catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil. The blundering of our military into the Middle East; the failed states that have risen out of the mismanagement and chaos of Iraq and Afghanistan; the millions of innocents we have driven from their homes, terrorized or slaughtered; the bankrupt puppet […]

The French Agent Who Bombed the Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior Apologizes After 30 Years

In light of the most recent Paris attacks we thought it relevant to remind readers of France’s record of state terrorism, the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior being one of the most heinous examples. (BSNews co-editor, Alison Banville): The French naval frogman who sank the Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand in July 1985, causing the death of photographer […]

France’s state violence – 10 key truths behind attacks on Paris

There’s been widespread grief and sympathy over the terrible killings in Paris. All very human and commendable. But, as Jonathan Cook asks, why the selective coverage, outrage and empathy? Were those innocents blown up a day before in Beirut by the, apparently, same Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) not worthy of the same humanity, the same demonstrations of global support? Those calling attention to the disparity are reminded […]

Take That Fucking French Flag Down

Sometimes things happen and it’s best to keep your disagreements to yourself. People who you cannot countenance not having on your side; people who you turn to for help, to think things through, start adopting a form of behaviour that you find alien.  So alien to the high regard you hold them in, that you want to do the equivalent […]

Hell Comes to Paris

Years spent depicting head chopping fanatics as rebels, moderates, and revolutionaries in an effort to effect the toppling of another secular government in the Middle East. Years spent cultivating Saudi Arabia as an ally against extremism and fanaticism rather than treating it as a country where extremism and fanaticism resides. Years spent treating the Assad government, Iran, and Russia as […]

Outrage at Paris attacks masks our racism

An article in the Australian publication New Matilda gets to the real point about last night’s attacks in Paris – one that no one wants to talk about. What westerners feel right now is a powerful and very selective outrage that identifies with the suffering of people “like us”. We mourn the deaths in Paris while not even noticing those […]