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Edward Snowden Granted Asylum

Interview on Russia Today with BSNews Co-Editor Mike Raddie

Discussing the example Edward Snowden has set and the implications for future whistleblowers as well as the fallout from the NSA scandal in the EU and the way the telecoms companies, the backbone of the public internet, have gone above and beyond, effectively serving the interests of the intelligence community rather than their customers.

Disgraceful! Disgusting! Shameful! The British Governments treatment of the Chagos Islanders

Just some of the comments (appropriately) attributed to today’s decision at the British High Courts of (In)Justice to thwart the Chagos Islanders’ decades long legal battle for the right to return to their homeland One of the most ignominious episodes in British foreign policy, involving political parties of all colours, was the forced eviction of some 2,000 Illois people from […]

Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Lies

A history of state sponsored terrorism, torture, extra judicial murder, imprisonment without trial, eviction of British citizens from their homeland; just some of the crimes of the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher Iran-Iraq War (1980 – 1988): Throughout the 1980’s, during the war with Iran and even after the gassing of the Kurds in Halabja, Britain lavished all manner of […]

Syria: Libya 2.0

21st Century Conflict and Connections to the Past It should come as no surprise that the UK is in breach of international law yet again. With its not-so-covert intervention in Syria, under the umbrella of the same ‘responsibility to protect’ (R2P) mantra which justified the murder of over 100,000 innocent Libyans, the UK government is happy once again to flout […]

Armistice Day – Why I never wear a poppy

‘the only point which matters about the First World War and its sequels is that they must not be allowed to happen again. Honouring and worshipping those who died in them, praising them for their patriotic sacrifice and wearing poppies as symbols of their blood on the ground where they fell serves only to glamourise the atrocity and pave the way to the next one.’

What’s Next for Libya?

First, this conflict is far from over so we’re almost certain to see more causalities as western ground troops flood into the country at the request of the ITNC (Interim Transitional National Council – the Libyan opposition group representing the rebels fighting Moamer Gaddafi). The news from independent journalists and unreported by BBC and ITN, is that the rebels, comprised […]

BSNews interviews Don DeBar

Begin with the fact that one of Gadhaffi’s first acts after deposing the western puppet King Idris was to evict the US from its only military base on the continent. This act, taken four decades ago, left the US in the position of having to base its AFRICOM force, established in October, 2008, in Stuttgart, Germany, laying bare the nature of this “alliance.”