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Moral Injury: The Wounded Soul

  Veterans For Peace UK members John Bourton and Daniel Lenham each gave a fascinating talk at the Hexham Debates recently on ‘how to turn your child into a killer’ and ‘moral injury’ respectively. (See video above). John discusses ‘the psychological processes that go on to turn you from a child into a killer, which, essentially is what basic training […]

Blackman: The Other Veterans’ View

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday there were jubilant scenes from his supporters as Alexander Blackman (formerly Marine A) had his murder conviction for shooting dead a man wounded in a helicopter attack in Afghanistan reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to a ‘combat stress disorder’. Among those celebrating were Royal Marine veterans vocal […]


One year ago today, Veterans For Peace UK member Daniel Lenham stood outside Downing St and threw his service medals on the ground (see video below) in protest at the government’s decision to sanction air strikes on Syria. Now he has written a moving poem about his decision: Myth of the Medal One year ago today, I gave you them […]