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Chilcot’s blind spot: Iraq War report buries oil evidence, fails to address motive

The long-awaited Chilcot Report was finally released today, examining the UK’s involvement in the Iraq War and occupation. Unfortunately, on the most important question, the report’s conclusions are all but silent: why did the UK go to war? Chilcot takes at face value the Blair government’s claim that the motive was to address Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and limits […]

Here’s how Chilcot will whitewash the Iraq War

The long awaited report from the UK government’s inquiry into the decision to go to war in Iraq is going to be released on Wednesday. But make no mistake: the process was designed from the start to let decision-makers off the hook for their roles in an illegal invasion that has destroyed a country and paved the way for the […]

Beware of Chilcot

After the recent announcement that the long-awaited Chilcot report will finally be published on July 6th this year, we publish two relevant pieces from Craig Murray: Iraq Inquiry: The First Big Lie Sir John Chilcot was just ten minutes in to the first public session of the Iraq Inquiry when he told the first big lie – and a lie […]

The Iraq ( Chilcot ) Inquiry, And The Greatest Scandal Of Our Generation

When the inquiry does eventually comes out, and it could apparently ”criticize Blair.’ All I would ask is that we organize a 24-hour nonstop demonstration outside Blair’s house in Connaught Sq London W2..A demonstration like those in Tahir square Cairo that not only protest but, as Tony Benn would have said ‘Demands’ justice in a democracy. A criminal investigation must follow Chilcot’ and, Blair should be arrested,- for if as citizens we do not carry this through, then surely we will be as guilty as our establishment for turning a blind eye on these war crimes and for allowing this to happen in our name, tantamount to doing nothing. Which, as the notable Irish philosopher Edmund Burke once said, is all it will take for ‘evil to triumph’