Syria: Bodies Don’t Lie

Vanessa Beeley brings vital testimony from Syria which reveals the real story suppressed by western corporate media:

During my last but one trip to #Damascus, I had the privilege of interviewing the Director of Forensics, Dr Zaher Hajjo, in Damascus.

Here are just a few of the statements he gave me during our meeting.

Hajjo is a genuine patriot who endures the horrific aspects of his job because he feels profoundly that he can bring some relief to the people of Syria who are waiting for news of their loved ones. He did tell me that he is “haunted” by what he has witnessed, suffers from recurring nightmares but nothing will deter him from his mission to bring some clarity to the confusion sown by the pure evil that has been given life inside Syria – by Western governments and their cohorts in the Gulf States, Turkey and Israel.

“The bodies I have to inspect tell their own stories of torture, dismemberment, rape and abuse. It is a very painful part of my work but it does bring relief to relatives waiting a very long time for information re loved ones

White Helmets are more dangerous than terrorists. They enable terrorist crimes.They can kill anyone & are immune from condemnation. They can carry guns but not be punished. They are criminals with a fake identity responsible for huge crimes against Syrian people.

“Terrorists or so-called “rebels” murder civilians twice effectively. After people are executed, bodies are hidden, buried or burned & mutilated & IDs stolen or destroyed. This is deliberate to add to suffering of relatives, makes ID almost impossible.

Jisr Al Shughour massacre of Syrian Arab Army soldiers on the 5/6/2011 – Urum al Jawz:

“110 soldiers were assassinated during the time of the so-called “peaceful demos” – they were murdered by professional assassins, the guns had a 600m range and all the SAA were killed by one shot to head or heart in one hour as they were on their way to help comrades under siege in Jisr Al Shughour.

“Moderate rebels” – “in 2011, Sarmine, Idlib – a prisoner of the “moderate” terrorist groups begged his wife to pay the demanded $ 40k ransome – not to free him but for terrorists to kill him, the torture was so unbearable for him, he wanted it to end”

Discovery of mass graves in Raqqa – murdered by US-sponsored proxy forces SDF and ISIS.

Originally published (Vanessa Beeley, Patreon)

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