Russian plane crash shows US/UK losing their grip along with their terrorist narrative

So, it’s official. The UK/US are losing their grip along with their terrorist narrative. Their straw-grasping and agenda-hyping has reached critical mass preceding meltdown. It’s anyone’s guess what new self-inflcted humiliations lie ahead, or how close to WW3 they take us all simply to preserve their sense of entitlement.

A Russian plane flying from Sharm el Sheikh to St Petersburg goes down in Egypt on Saturday. Russia says it doesn’t know yet what caused the crash and launches an investigation. But the US and UK see a chance to grab back the initiative they lost when Putin began bombing ISIS for real, and not merely pretending to in the approved western fashion.

Debris at the site of the Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt.
Debris at the site of the Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt.

So they decided it was a bomb! There’s no evidence yet, of course, but never mind about that. David Cameron is almost definitely sure, and Obama thinks so too. Because unnamed investigators say so and there were some sort of intercepted phone calls which nearly-definitely-almost-maybe proves it was an ISIS bomb. Though of course they can’t share any of this valuable info with Russia or with anyone else. We all just have to take their word for it.

So, of course, naturally, on Wednesday the UK government decides to ban all commercial flights to and from Sharm el Sheikh.

They then – if you can possibly believe this – decide to send “rescue flights” in to pick up the passengers they themselves just stranded.

The media responds dutifully with live reports of “chaos” and “confusions”, “panic” and fear, without mentioning the entire thing has been artificially generated to achieve exactly this response.

Oh and right on cue one-time Defence Secretary, Mike Fallon tells the BBC the fact a Russian plane has crashed in Egypt makes it “morally indefensible” for Britain not to send troops to Syria.

So, if you’re not feeling shocked and bewildered at the terrible “chaos” of people waiting patiently in Sharm el Sheikh airport for the flights Cameron cancelled for no reason, and if you’re not absolutely convinced war in Syria is the only answer, then chalk it up to another spectacular propaganda failure from a Ministry of Truth that seems to have completely lost touch with basic realities about message and plausibility.

Originally published: Black Catte (Off Guardian)

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