Putin Outed ISIS’s G20 Financiers — But Not a Single Western Media Outlet Has Reported It

A revealing silence from the “free” western press

We’ve been very patient. For the last 12 hours we’ve been constantly refreshing Google News for just one — one — western article about Putin’s bombshell comments at the G20 summit in Antalya. You would think that the Russian President stating publicly that ISIS is receiving money from 40 different countries, including G20 members, would be “newsworthy”. Right? 

There's something about these people that the western media doesn't want you to know about..
There’s something about these people that the western media doesn’t want you to know about..

But the western media has defied even our worst expectations: Not a single mainstream western outlet reported on Putin’s comments. Typically, at least the Daily Beast has the common courtesy to distort or misrepresent the most recent Putin press conference. But in this instance, there is literally no written western record of Putin saying anything about who finances ISIS during the G20 summit in Turkey. This is insane.

Only cricket chirps from the west

We tried various keywords. Alas, to no avail:


(By the way, that Reuters article has no mention of what Putin said. But at least it mentions Putin: “Obama met Russian President Vladimir Putin in an informal meeting lasting around 30 minutes at the summit on Sunday, a discussion which Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said had been constructive but not groundbreaking. Obama made no mention of their meeting at his news conference.”)

This is beyond shameful. If the west is so concerned about fighting ISIS, surely it would be eager to discuss who is financing these scumbags?

Welcome to 2015.

Originally published: Rudy Panko (Russia Insider)

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  1. Will the corporate media print anything they can’t spin to suit themselves?- we are in the middle of a major propaganda campaign by all sides and the frightening thing is that on all sides all of it is slowly increasing the move to a major war, weather its Putin, Poroshenko, Generals Breedlove and Clark, the grand chess player Brzezinski, Cameron, all of them are now peddling their own nonsense to either move us towards a major war or move us towards increasing and massive erosion of the temporary and illusory rights and freedoms we think we have – we’ve already passed through the end of privacy and are subjected to mass spying like the Stasi on steroids. The BBC this week reported that the MET have apologised for the despicable abuse of ordinary people who were befriended and conned into full time fantasy relationships with sociopathic government goons for years and sometimes fathering children – see more in the book ‘Undercover’. To issue an apology for something that will certainly still be going on is beyond twisted but not surprising given that our systems seem to be designed to ensure that sociopathic behaviour is more likely in everyone and those major predator types rise to the top and are basting in the trappings of power and evil until inevitably the hubris and god like delusions propel them to try and control others from similar groups around the globe by sacrificing the rest of us on the alter if lies.

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