Poem – Nirvana


Take me home

I’m tired now
You know the way

To the place the sun lingers

At the end of the day

Where friendly shadows call us

And ask us to stay

Far from here. Far away.

Away from noise and cold, cold fear

Where peace of mind is always near

And rivers wind so crystal clear

So pure you want to pray

And we will walk the rugged hills

Where nature all her treasure spills

Where nothing harms and nothing kills

And nothing will decay

For only here lies beauty spread

Like roses scattered on a bed

Where kindness is to splendour wed

Within the healing ray

No human life by human ended

Every stranger is befriended

All division here is mended

All are called to stay.

Here all beings safely live

At peace and free from pain

Their sentience and innocenceRevered once again

All free to feel the sunshine

Or the purifying rain

Free to live out their little day

Then as we walk in sun or snow

And on our homeward journey go

We’ll watch the sacred river flow

And on our senses play

No images of cries or screams

Of suffering will haunt our dreams

For we will know the message means

We’ve found a better way.

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