Oliver Kamm Launches Evidence Free Attack on Real Journalist, Academic and Politician.

There is something that the repulsive Oliver Kamm doesn’t seem to grasp: whenever there is instigated another desperate ‘expose’ of Vanessa Beeley, Piers Robinson and the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (the latest attack focuses on the group’s David Miller and suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson) it simply proves to all of us who support their vital work, that the psychopathic elites and their cringing minions are on the run.

I can’t tell you how good it feels when these myrmidons are flushed out for another wailing tantrum in the corporate media; yes, just when you thought that sewage stream couldn’t possibly stink any more than it does, here comes Kamm with a bucket of his own special recipe excrement to pollute it even further. A normal person couldn’t swim in this cesspool, but when you’re as drenched in feculence as Oliver and the rest of his shit covered cohort, none of them notices the stench. Yet although it’s all too heave-inducing for the rest of us, it does have the corresponding effect of making one feel incredibly fragrant and clean by comparison. Whatever flaws I have as an imperfect human being, I find myself thinking, I am the nonpareil, the very paragon of virtue, compared to Oliver Kamm.

This man smells so bad he’s like a reanimated cadaver, his rotting flesh dropping off in clumps as he furiously stabs away at his keyboard creating his signature brand of completely evidence free ‘journalism’. Really, how much more devalued can that word become? Kamm is doing his best! Whoring for the corporate state is a full time job for this dedicated professional liar. They don’t need to get the whip to him – he’s the most enthusiastic prostitute they’ve got!

What a comparison to Vanessa Beeley, whom Kamm knows only too well has been nominated for the prestigious Martha Gelhorn Prize for her outstanding journalism, because everyone knows they give that accolade to just anyone don’t they? Kamm is also careful never to mention that Vanessa was listed by the (NCTJ) National Council for the Training of Journalists as one of the most respected journalists in the UK. Guess whose name wasn’t on that list? Oliver Kamm’s. This is the easiest quiz ever!

Vanessa has also presented time and again her in-depth investigation of the ‘propaganda construct inside Syria’ (John Pilger) that is the White Helmets – guess who couldn’t present a counter-report refuting that evidence point by point to anyone? Right again: Oliver Kamm.

Kamm has become the poster boy for lying – he’s paid to lie, he’s paid to smear. Simple as that. What an existence! He is not capable of meeting any real journalist on the ground of honest, evidence-based debate. He’s just not up to it. And the fact that he’s given a platform in a national newspaper only goes to prove how morally bankrupt the corporate media actually is, across the board. Because not only do we have the transparent ethical wasteland of the right wing press, but the more insidious venality of the ‘liberal’ outlets, the Guardian and Channel 4 News, which I have written about in detail.

Piers Robinson, David Miller and the rest of the Working Group on Syria display the same intellectual and ethical rigour as does Vanessa Beeley, which is precisely why they must be discredited. It’s a badge of honour to be the target of a smear campaign such as these decent people have triggered by daring to follow the very best journalistic and academic research principles. They know they’re on the right track as long as the likes of Kamm for The Times or Olivia Solon for the Guardian are dutifully abandoning every precept that might have given them a claim to being real journalists. And in broadcast ‘journalism’ we have the likes of Alex Crawford for Sky and Jon Snow for Channel 4 News busy suppressing the truth and fabricating reports. These people are not journalists – they are whores. And that word is not used lightly. It is entirely apt.

And now Chris Williamson is in their sights, because he too, places integrity at the heart of all he does and has dared to challenge the warmongers’ official narrative on Syria and their other many crimes. I was proud to meet Chris at the Beautiful Days festival last summer where he came to listen to Vanessa Beeley speak and was then predictably castigated for it by the usual suspect presstitutes.

It is life-affirming simply being around people like Williamson, Vanessa and Piers, as well as those other fearless truth-tellers like Eva Bartlett, who herself became the immediate target for corpo-hacks after exposing them all re Syria at the UN: ‘sources on the ground, you don’t have them‘ – Channel 4 News did a ‘Fact Check’ on Eva which is superb irony! Read Eva’s refutation of their smears here. I cannot adequately express my gratitude and respect for them; individuals holding the line of Truth against any, and all, incoming attacks.

Sometimes it really is a case of good versus evil – if you’re accused of being an Assad apologist or an antisemitic Chris Williamson supporter then you can be sure that your ability to see through the miasma of stinking corporate state/media propaganda spewed out by the likes of Kamm will make you a target, and those who are too stupid or lazy to check the evidence will line up to condemn you. Choose your side! There’s no fence to sit on here. You’re either with Vanessa Beeley Piers Robinson and the other truth-tellers with rock solid integrity or you’re not.

So let Kamm waste his time writing lying articles or amending Wiki into the wee small hours – it’s so pathetic it’s laughable! – because nothing is going to stop the Truth being told. This is the mistake that lowlifes like Kamm always make; they do not possess nor understand integrity and so they think they can grind down those who have it. But integrity is an inexhaustible resource; the energy that keeps the Truth-machine in perpetual motion. ‘They do not know…’ said Thoreau, when calling out the servants of a corrupt state, ‘by how much Truth is stronger than error, nor how much more eloquently and effectively one can combat injustice who has experienced a little in their own person.’

Alison Banville is co-editor of BSNews


  1. I think calling those scumbags whores, presstitutes etc. is really demeaning to people who trade sex for money. Even calling them rats is insulting to rats, but rats don’t care because they’re animals, so it would be more adequate. Great article.

  2. In summation;
    ‘he’s paid to lie, he’s paid to smear. Simple as that.’
    ‘These people are not journalists – they are whores. ‘
    ‘they do not possess nor understand integrity …..’
    The MSM in general … the BBC the Guardian more specifically … and certain individuals like Kamm notoriously.
    Shame on the professional middle classes, educated and positioned, with the acumen to know whats really going on, but chose to hear no evil, see no evil and remain silent.
    Fucking shame on you!!!

  3. much of the corporate media the likes of the Times and the Guardian are a waste of oxygen, space, and flesh and John Pilger rightly called the Guardian a bunch of windbags and Tariq Ali rightly called the Guardian an MI5/MI6 Talbloid, and the Kamms of the world fit that description. I get more upset however when I see The Peter Tatchelles, Amy Goodmans, Pacifica/, The Intercept/Medhi Hassan, Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Novara Media all jumping the shark on Syria just because Qatari funded media like Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye and Middle East Monitor have duped them, then Shamnesty Internaitonal and Human Rights Fraud have managed to convince us along with Vice and Netflix to support Islamist Front Groups like the White Helemets and this bollocks about a socialist secular moderate rebels that we can support against Assad and ISIS which is bollocks to. And don’t even get me started on Novara Media and others in the EU reformist loving press and controlled opposition left who are grossly depicting Brexit as doom and gloom and airbrushing the Left voices many of them powerful and articulate that show us Brexit doesn’t have to all be doom and gloom. Novara Media even slanders Jewish people who speak out on the Israel Lobby and their comradess in the Corbyn PRoject as anti-semiitic and slandered Julian Assange as a sexual offender and cheered on his arrest. What sick fucks. That Corbyn and his own leadership don’t call any of this out and jump the shark to demonstrates “with friends like these who needs enemies?”.

  4. I agree with all that Alison says here. Yes, Truth is powerful. But we are imperfect. As the Christian Bible says, ‘Let those who are standing beware so that they don’t fall’. It also cautions us that the heart is treacherous and asks the rhetorical question “Who can know it?”

    The Truth is powerful (and so is this dark world’s invisible ruler) but it will take more than our truth-telling to destroy this evil system of things. If we lie to ourselves about who we are – We are NOT God – and stick to that…

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